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09 Jan 2014
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PostedMar 12, 2014 12:43 pm

[Guide-PVE ONLY] Juggernaut [Low-Cost]

people might be aware, that most guide are always telling about late gear
and pricy stuff.

and then some player that aren't rich enough start to question what should we do until i can get those gear?

so yeah, this is a weird yet good for PVE only Ravager.
this build is totally useless for PvP, but with some tweak it can be useful to.

okay let's start.
the main point of this build is Speed, and CC.
you will not be the MAIN Damage Dealer,
your role will simplify into the one who make all the mob, become a punching bag.
and can let the other Wizard did the job.

Go for full SPD, and DEF/HP.

Item, most of you might aware of the price of the Lethal beast and Titan set,
but don't be worry, in this Guide all you need is Dooms Set (Green Item), or better you can at least get the Requiem.

How About The Accessory?
Go grab some Leo's Accessory they are pretty cheap.

i personally pick talamund, and kelosa, but i don't think this will actually affect that much.

So this the list of item:
-Head: Fur Cap of Doom , or Requiem Headguard
-Body: Doomplate ,or Requiem Light Armor
-Wraist: Belt of Doom ,or Aria Sash ,or Requiem Sash
-Arm: Wristguard of Doom ,or Aria Wrist Wraps ,or Requiem Wrist guard
-Boots: Battle Boots of Doom ,or Aria Ankle Boots , or Requiem Legging
-Ring: Leo's Royal Seal
-Accessory: Leo's Glorious Heart
-Back: Leo's Cloak of King

The weapon is the most important part, and maybe a bit pricy at the beginning since you need to buy recipe for the weapon, but the weapon is simply sticking on these element

-Main Weapon: Giants Jordan's Cleaver of the Sea
-Second Weapon: ( Shock ) & ( Protector or Destroyer ) Any level 50 crafted weapon

and your envoy path will be like this:

This Envoy is taken in a level 65 Character: if your level are lower, and had not enough envoy point.
Remove the following: Final Blow, Ravager Studies 1,2,3

-Free, didn't matter
Attack Spec:
-Zeal/Callousness/Boost (Pick on your desire, personally i pick Zeal)
-Whirlwind Slash (MUST)
-Iron Wall/Extreme Speed (I pick Extreme Speed for simply movement speed)
-Organized Sabotage/Break Defense (You can Chose between -10/15% def or dmg)
-The Best Defense

Your role is simply as stated above, to keep the mob down.
with this build your RnR will have only 3s CD, is the exact number of RnR spinning time 3s
so yeah you will spin non stop.

Pro / Con:

-You will spin and mainly focus on it, you can't be so messed up to ruined a single skill play aren't you?
-Depending on Shock Effect you had 20% chance to stun the mob for 2s, while spinning you will hit 3 times in 1s, so yeah you had a pretty good chance to land the stun, and mobs didn't have stun resist keep spinning and they will not move.
-During boss fight switch to Protector/Destroyer second weapon, now instead of stun you will add more painful debuff on the boss.
-Giant Jordan will boost your spinning range by a loot, this will increase your cap of stunned target.
-Most of your skill will have 1-2s CD, for RnR will be 3s, and After shock will be 4s, while Soaring will also be 3s
-You're full def gear, of course you're tankier than those with Aria gear.

-Your Crit Damage will be LOW, your Crt DMG also will be LOW
-Your DMG will depend only on your weapon, making it pretty LOW to.
-Most people will think you're weird for spinning all the way from beginning to the end.

Debuff Calculation:
if you chose break defense, and wearing destroyer second weapon.
the boss will get their defense reduced by.
Break Defense: 15%
Whirlwind Slash: 10%
Destroyer Core: 10%
Vindictive Burst: 8%
in total of 43% (i'm not sure if the stack for this way, counting separately actually give better result to).

so yeah, they will be squishy, and normal mob will not move.

End of words
enjoy your time with this build until you're rich enough to get full geared and shinny thing.
good luck.


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31 Jan 2014
PostedMar 17, 2014 1:06 am
thanks for posting this guide, i would like to know if this is viable in soloing? ie solo dungeon farming?


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09 Jan 2014
Surabaya, Indonesia Indonesia
PostedMar 18, 2014 8:34 pm
I'm not sure if this type can be used for solo(in normal or hard mode, in dungeon above 60).
Dealing with normal mob is possible, but you might lack attack power, to bring the boss down.
The low budget gear isn't suit able for dealing high damage, but if you like to do a solo.
I suggest to use a nocturnal as second weapon option, giving you more hp gain during boss fight that will help your survivalbility

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30 Jun 2014
PostedAug 07, 2014 11:08 am
What item or skill do you need for the Shock effect?


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14 May 2013
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PostedAug 07, 2014 7:51 pm
if i am correct, the shock the OP is referring to is a weapon core with a chance to stun

this guide is very outdated (5 months old), so i would recommend seeking a different guide
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