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27 Mar 2007
PostedMar 02, 2014 1:13 pm

Onebip - Romania - Aeria Points

Problems making payment trough Onebip in Romania.
Anyone from Romania that have problems making payments trough Onebip pay by SMS ? I get to the page where it says to send an sms with the code NEO XXXXX to 7443, and says its waiting for a confirmation. I send the code by sms and i get an response from 7443 "Keyword Invalid". Worked for anyone? I even made an account to onebip and tried the other option trough English - EUR and loggin in to Onebip account. Still the same problem.

Este cineva care a incercat sa cumpere Aeria Points prin Onebip sms ? Ajung la pagina unde zice sa trimit sms la 7443 dupa ce introduc nr. meu de tel. Trimit sms`ul cu codul de tipul NEO XXXXX si primesc raspuns "Keyword invalid, pentru ajutor trimite AJUTOR, pentru stop trimite STOP la 7443. SIMPLUS: Tel. 1800". Am incercat toate variantele ce am gasit si pe diverse forumuri dar tot la acest impas ajung.

Thx in advance if someone knows the problem and could help Smile

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