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12 Jan 2014
PostedFeb 15, 2014 10:42 pm

[LV5] Quest Guild Open Recruitment :)

Quest Guild Open Recruitment.

Welcome on Board Fellas, We are Quest Guild from Aura Kingdom Online.
We are Opening Recruitment for New Family Member to Join Guild.

Our Guild Requirement Only Require General Ethics.
Requirement To Join :
*Active Player and Love To PVP.
*Love To Share Information.
*Friendly, No Racist Speaking and Respect Other Members.
*Willing To Cooperate and Follow Guild Rules.

You Are Allowed To Have 2 Chars Joining Guild.
*Char Minimum Level 45, One Main Char and One Alt Char.

For Our Guild's General Info.
Quest Guild is a Level 5 Guild and Staying At Hydra Server Ch2, and We are an International Guild.

Our Family Members are from Many Countries, Majority We are From Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine and Singapore, But, We Use English To Chat In Guild.

For Welfare of Family Members, We Have Weekly Item Contribution.

We Also Have Guild Costume, and Guild Facebook Group.

Since We Are International Guild, We Are Welcoming Everyone To Join.
Come and Join Us Quest Family Facebook Group.
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