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24 Dec 2007
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My experience as a duelist/gunslinger so far...
There are many concerned new players that believe that they have chosen the wrong class or that they are too weak in pve, dungeons etc with the Duelist/Gunslinger class combination in particular... with every class there are pro's and con's that are inevitable. I'd like to start off with the one hit K.O issue in party dungeons and Hard mode which is due to the lack of HP or DEF build in the class however, there are various ways you can avoid being killed by building on your characters stat profile or making USE of your secondary class! Duellists are close combat classes which means that they are most vulnerable to close ranged attacks and aoe's from bosses and elite mobs, one way around the problem is to keep a distance and use long ranged skills to conflict damage as well as setting up traps for DPS. The key is to move around more and use ranged skills (especially with Toto spinning swords in CC and Argus breath of fire in DC) on the other hand, you can work on building HP and Defence by reconstructing stats and envoy paths as well as using HP and Defensive armour to your advantage. Duelists and Gunslingers are treated as 'Scapegoats' especially when it comes to being accepted in a dungeon party because individuals are not making effective use of their skills! frequent deaths results in your members working harder especially bards having to revive allot.

I would also recommend Duelists participate in Tanuki and Excelsior 5 aside events and you will be surprised as to how good your class is in a pvp base. I have been 1st in the scoring list in numerous occasions against level ranges of 55-59 in all different classes being a level 54 myself...I've decided not to give up and create an alt simply because i want to be a competent duelist and i want to show others that you can be just as bad as any other class and be successful in Dungeons and PVP at the same time.

Here is a video I would like to share:

Credit to Purp who has shown us all that you can own as a Gunslinger/Duelist in pvp against every class. Enjoy!

Feel free to leave comments and express your idea's and opinions.

IGN: MetalGear
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