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[Guide] Duelist/Grenadier, Special Force

New, update 24 march (Stacking Dps Without worry)
My Note : may be you can see i am wearing a not proper gear (for example the blue Weapon), believe me i want to use the better gear and secret stone. but, the price getting more crazy and unaffordable. I am still collecting Gold for it. I am also made some Drastic change for my guide after this warbow coming. may be there will be more change in this guide, so check the sub title often.

[ LOL i a have grinding dungeon until level 60 and get 500 Gold, but only need 10 minutes to waste it on the Crafted lvl 60 Cannon with Nocturnal Core. I need more GOLD to get another recipes LOL ]  

1. Introduction
Thanx For reading this, i have fixed so much thing in this guide. I hope this Guide can help you a lot. I have made this guide more simple by deleted unneccesary thing.

Why Choosing Duelist/Grenadier ?
For newbie, i want to tell you that Being Full Melee is Hard without OP gear. So Hybrid Combination like Duelist/Grenadier or Duelist/Gunslinger is more easier to play.

Why not Duelist/Gunslinger ?
Grenadier is more easier to use because it have more range and very easy for kitting the boss. Also Grenadier have more Effect skill like Freeze, Stunt, and AoE.

Why not Duelist/Wizard or Duelist/Sorcerer ?
Simple, they dont have Ultimate skill. you can kill that Squishy Duelist/Sorcerer or Wizard with Ultimate skill. Believe me, Ultimate Skill is OP. You are Also Invisible when doing this.

Any Question or Suggestion ? post it here (dont PM me, i never check it)

2. Stat Build


a. Stat Point

Attack Stat
>> Upgrade full SPD, you need a high SPD because Grenadier as second class have very long cooldown. did you see a "Healing Crystal" cooldown skill ? it was Crazy for useless healing. but if you already cap SPD, take a Crit.

Defense Stat
>> 20 level point to HP and rest for EVA. if you ask why upgrade EVA and a little for HP see Q&A. But if you are too lazy to read, just listen to me


bocah : why upgrade SPD ? not Crit ?
Aefka : grenadier cooldown skill is too long. but you actually have more procs, being high SPD mean high survivability and you can stack Dps faster. And it will be more heal if you spam Duelist skill with nocturnal Core.

bocah : what do you mean for "high SPD mean high Survivability"
Aefka : faster Dancing Balisong skill, it will heal ~2500 Hp for each target (the amount will be different for the level).

bocah : why EVA ?
Aefka : believe me, EVA DID SAVE ME A LOT IN DUNGEON ! when my HP reach under 40%, the "born of Desperation" envoys path will be activated and some of monster attack missed. at least i can heal a bit. and not only that, EVA is really deadly in PvP. High EVA is a nightmare for low ACC opponent.

bocah : but they say EVA is useless....
Aefka : EVA is very useless if they not have at least 40% def and 30% damage taken (or proper defense). EVA is useless too if the amount less than 60%. (with born of desperation skill, it will be 90%)

bocah : why upgrade HP ?
Aefka : dont think about i am being Squishy. i just need it so people believe wont think i am KiriTOT wannabe. people will kick duelist who have hp under 30K in lvl 60.

bocah : why not Def ?
Aefka : whut ? you must see what a gear i am using.

b. Envoys path

>> i think its look annoying to have 2%xp envoys path, but with this envoys path you can get 3 Ultimate skill with "Cross Slash Area", "Born of Desperation", and "Bat Fang".

1) Yellow area
when i got new envoys path, i will reset the 2%xp and change it into the yellow area

2) Blue area
when i got another envoys path, i will take it. it will increase your AoE of Cross Slash. remember the AoE of Cross Slash is not circle shape, but a cone shape.

3) Green area
it's look like SCARY, i will take it after the Blue part.

4) Red area
i really want to take it, but they say it still bugged. but if the envoys path has been fixed, you must take it first !


bocah : why we need 3 Ultimate skill, some my friend dont have Ultimate even they can take it
Aefka : then kill your friend with 3 ultimate skill, dont blame me if they got mad. Ultimate skill is really OP in PvP, Ultimate skill is really helpfull in the "Life and Death" situation in PvE. they are Immune to opponent strike and deal high damage.

bocah : so.... the born of desperation envoys ??
Aefka : i have tell you before, this envoys make your EVA become usefull.

c. Gear

1) Weapon[/color]

Dual Blade : Nocturnal Assassin blade, absorb 3% damage as HP

Cannon : Crafted Gear level 60[ damage taken againts boss -5%, ETC ] with Nocturnal Core

Armor : Full Requiem/Titan Set
Core : Stalking Core ( Crit and Def) OR Noble Core (Crit MaxHP) only if you can +20 your gear.

Trophy : Talen's Bloodthirsty Gem with Move Speed Core
Trophy : Talamund's Soul with Move Speed Core

Back : Frederic's Feathered Cloak
Ring : Malodnak's Ring of the Lich
Necklace : Murfeo's Winged Necklace

Talen and Talamund Provide a high HP and Def, the Back/Ring/Necklace give you a high EVA and Crit Damage (see the stat at Port Skandia)

d. Secret stone

Dual Blade : Slash Cut [Emerald Slash Cut secret stone = Duration +4 Sec]
Cannon : Cannon Salvo [Sunset Cannon Salvo secret stone = Range +8 m]
Helmet : Deadly Wink [Crimson Deadly Wink secret stone= more damage]
Armor : Meteor Cannon [Golden Meteor Cannon secret stone = +15 Crit damage]
Belt : Dancing Balisong [Crimson Spinning Balisong secret stone = more damage]
Gloves : Icy Grenade [Indigo Icy Grenade secret stone = +8 m AoE] Must take !
Boots : Fiery Grenade [Emerald Fiery Grenade secret stone = Duration +4 sec]

With Prefix -2% Damage Taken and 4% Crit Damage. Buy 6% Crit Damage if you can purchase it.

bocah : why become tank ?
Aefka : you can stack Dps without worry getting killed. Dps Amount is not effected by your damage stat. so no matter how big your damage, Dps damage is still same. try to use level 1 weapon, you will get the same amount of Dps. (see DoTs Mechanism)

e. Masteries

For PvE
Attack Spec : Zeal
General Skill : Cracking Slash
Defensive Spec : Extreme Speed
Advance Skill : Deadly Wink
Tactical Spec : Organized Sabotage
Ultimate Skill : Shadow Gale

For PvP
Attack Spec : Zeal
General Skill : Fiery Salvo
Defensive Spec : Extreme Speed
Advance Skill : Purple Lightning State
Tactical Spec : Break Defense
Ultimate Skill : Shadow Gale

for PvE : we got two duelist skill focusing on area Dps. Cracking Slash and Deadly Wink is Pretty Good for Area Dps, especially Deadly Wink. But remember, the Deadly Wink +20% Dps is only effect the Deadly Wink skill and not every Dps you dealt. Deadly Wink masteries is really useless if you have low SPD because this Dps is only active when you are in purple state.

for PvP : believe me, you will be more using your cannon rather than your dual blade because sometime melee take a hard time getting close to target. Purple lightning State is needed because it will increase your damage dealt, more usefull than Deadly wink. in PvP you will use Cross Slash often rather than Deadly Wink because the Cross Slash is more Effective and Deadly Dps Rathen than Deadly Wink.

f. Costume
Armor : Damage taken -2%
Helmet : Max HP +2%
Mask :
Back :
Weapon :

g. Snack Boof.... i mean Food Buff and Buff Skill
>> Laalalala, i am too lazy to buy Food. But if you want, buy that stupid Circuit and Critical food buff. you will be surprised how much Crit you get with "food buff", "Suppresing Fire" and "Purple Lighting State"

h. Eidolon

1) Eligos (First Priority)
>> Why Eligos ? Eligos have big AoE ultimate Combo called "UMBRA", it will be increase your big amount of Crit too. Eligos is really usefull since you can spam Ultimate Combo with High SPD (only 30 sec). Also, Eligos will Buff ACC in PvP for team party. why not Sigrun ? AoE ultimate combo sigrun have low damage and pretty useless. Eligos is really easy to farm too, just collect 300 Ancient Eidolon Fragment. The problem is Eligos easily die, so when you are soloing Dungeon make sure to make him in "guard position". So your Eligos will stay alive.

2) Tigerius Caesar (Second Priority)
>> why tigerius ? you can doing a lure with him, also you can use him as a mount. With high SPD, you can use him as mount without worry about cooldown. this cat move faster than Shadow loot tiger or Ethereal wolf. But be carefull, sometime he steal your fish. So never call him when you are in fishing mode.

3) Higa/Helakar (if available)
>> Tell your friend you kill Caroline, BEAT Helakar and take over her Eidolon

3. Tips & Trick for PvE
a. Skill Explanation

here the list of skill characteristic :

# Duelist
- Slash Cut (cancellable after some animation, move, skill, jump)
- Cross Slash (move Cancellable anytime) (jump cancel after some animation)
- Whirling Dance (move cancellable anytime except when taking distance attack) (jump cancel after some animation)
- Snowflower(move Cancellable anytime) (cannt jump cancel)
- Dancing Balisong (move Cancellable anytime) (cannt jump cancel)
- Deadly Wink (uncancellable)

# Grenadier
- Cannon Salvo (Air usable)(cannt jump cancel)
- Fiery Grenade (Air usable)(cannt jump cancel)
- Plasma Cannon (Air usable) (Move Cancellable)
- Icy Grenade (Air usable) (cannt cancel)
- Falling Star (Move Cancellable) (cannt jump cancel) (cannt air usable) (can be used without Targeting)

- Whirling Dragon (not cancellable) (can be used without Targeting)
- Rocket Sword (not cancellable)
- Gale Blade (Cancellable after some animation) (you can cancel it when firing flame thrower animation)

*All Duelist skill is not Air usable. if you use skill in the mid air, the skill will be activate until you reach the ground.

*the jump cancel can be used too for skill cancel too

*Ultimate skill is not cancellable but it will give you invisibility for some time. Except for Gale Blade, it can be canncelable by Skill. it was usefull for longer the invisibility time when you cancel it with Ultimate skill too.

*if you install turret or healing crystal and you get stunned before complete it, it will be installed even you are stunned ! there is no invisibility time for that

*if you use cannon in Mid Air, it will be moveable by moving your keyboard.

* you cannt use the mid air cannon movement with clicking mouse.

b. Tips for PvE

Storm Balisong
Did you know a fact about Dancing Balisong ? the OP Fact that storm balisong will heal you an amount of HP depending on the target hit by Dancing Balisong. for example if i have 2300 HP recover when use Dancing Balisong (lvl 50~), if it hit 3 target you will get 6900 HP recover plus Bat Fang. they say this OP because you can use this in Other World Skandia for mobbing the mobs alone. just lure some enemy to you and use the skill to the mobs.

you can Combine it with Deadly Wink (activate purple state first), the purple stat will reduce deadly wink cooldown so you can use it again without waiting for cooldown. my tips is only use Dancing Balisong when your HP getting low.

you can combine the Storm Balisong and Back strike Assasination, the BackStrike Assinaton will be explained in this section too.

Hit and Run
did you know ? if you firing your cannon when in mid air, it will be moveable rather than when you firing the cannon in the ground. it will be very usefull to against boss that can move or against level 60 Eidolon that far stronger than you.

how to do it ? when facing the boss, run and make a circle shape track. you should run in this track, firing the cannon and avoid the redmark. remember that you must jump first before firing the cannon. the boss will run behind you ! when your HP get low under 40% use the potion. and when your Ultimate skill (Eidolon and combination Class) get cooldown, use it ! you can spam it since the cooldown is more faster. do this until the boss die. (remember, the unmoveable boss (Argus for example) cannt be fooled by this tactic, lag latency is a fatal issue too)

I recommend you to not only use auto HP potion ! its only active when your HP under some percentage and it wont activate again even your HP still under that percentage. so, you must place a hotkey for potion too.

Back Strike Assassinatin (yeah i love the name)
this is very usefull against Boss or Mobs to inflict more $50 damage (i mean 50%). there is a fact that striking from the back will add more 50% damage. How to Do it ? if you are playing with keyboard move your character forward and backward to do back strike. use the move cancellable skill to do it.

c. Controll Tips
this is my skill key control [ i am use arrow key for moving ] with high SPD, you can spam skill more often. so make sure the key is easy to reach. For doing backstrike, i recommend you to not activate the "auto follow camera" in system setting. Doing back strike is more harder with auto follow camera.

4. PvP
a. Centurion BattleField

- Always Standing Behind Friendly Crowd
>> this is really helpfull, make sure no opponent aiming their strike at you. standing behind the crowd will increaseyou survivability rate, but be carefull with Wizard Meteor. Dont get to close to your Team mate. and the most important is never challenge opponent when you got no team mate.

- Crowd Freeze
>> since you got that insane Icy Grenade secret stone, it will be increase AoE of Icy Grenade Insanely. Aim your Cannon at Opponnet School, see their feet get iced. huahahahaha, this trick really troll opponnent especially in the Bridge. They will get close each other and..... FREEZE.....

- Last Shot
>> When you see your opponent fighting your team mate, keep an eye. When you see their HP get low, shot your cannon and the kill point will be yours. Please dont tell people I suggest you this, I dont want people blame me LOL.

- Duelist Rush
>> You can also rush to forward, but only doing this when you have 2:1 member ratio when you are 2 and 1 for opponent. Stack the Dps on the bard first and use Ultimate Skill for finishing.

Target Priority : Bard, Wizard/Sorcerer, Duelist/Gunslinger, and last the Guardian.

- Zitung....
>> I know you can Kill the Zitung Mobs alone, but never challenge The Boss alone except you are prepared or with team mate. I got killed so many times because trying this.

b. Tanuki Turmoil
>> Duelist IS OP ON THE TANUKI TURMOIL ! just kill the stupid tanuki MOBS, since you have high Defense (with Defensive gear of course) you never get one shot by opponent. Use the Dancing Balisong to recover HP again. Aim for squishy opponent like Wizard or sorcerer, sometime they aim their strike at tanuki mobs. so, killing them is priority.

c. Excelcior Arena
>> I hate this PvP mode, sometime i got no bard in my team when opponent got 3 bard. Or, we got one bard with full melee team member against full ranged like Grenadier and Wizard.

my tips is pray to god and hope you got a good team. I am not Good at Excelsior Arena, so Good Luck (^_^)

5. Funny Guide
>> This Guide is not complete without the funny guide, i can remember when the first time i make this guide. But dont blame me if they got mad at you, please dont tell them if I tell you this.

a. Lure and kill (lure with tigerius)
>> tell your party you will lure the Mobs. After you lure the mobs in the end of the Dungeon, jump from the mount and Kill them all with Deadly Wink, Cracking Slash and Dancing Balisong. Tell your Party that you kill them unconciously.

b. +++ drop rate, +++ xp rate
>> that XP core and Loot Core is really expensive, buy the Cheap blue geared with what effect you want. use the "Defense Specialist" Title (get from crafting requiem set) and then tell your party you are not squishy. when you are dead because using cheap blue gear, tell them you are lagging. dont forget to hide your gear.

c. PvP Trolololol (only for 1 vs 1 friendly match)
>> hehehehe, Challenge someone to duel. after he/she accepted the request , stun them with cannon salvo and run or glide. after he/she cannt catch you, the time is still running. move to your target unnoticed, then firing Fiery Salvo >> Cannon Salvo >> Plasma Cannon >> Icy Grenade >> Whirling Dance >> Gale Blade >> cancel with Rocket Sword >> finish him.

d. Duelist Crazy Party.....
>> make a party for Infernall Abyss or Otherworld Skandia, No Bard Allowed.

e. I am Cat, Cat have 9 live.......
>> Tell your Friend or party member in PvE, " i have 9 lifes ! you shouldnt worry about me ". Buy 9 Revival Feather in Loyalty shop for ~800 Loyalty. when you are die, us the feather. (but actually you dont need it since you have high defense and EVA, just in LAG case)

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1. Duelist/Grenadier funny Guide
2. Not Funny Anymore
3. Third Update


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PostedJan 27, 2014 5:25 am
thnx good guide since duel/cannon are underrated


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PostedFeb 07, 2014 11:32 pm
can you update for PVP pleasee Smile


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PostedFeb 09, 2014 10:44 pm
looking for Midnight Unicorn.....


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PostedFeb 27, 2014 5:06 am
For me, the turret is quite useful. It's a sacrificial lamb when in a dungeon run. Very Happy


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PostedMar 02, 2014 8:58 am
will this be useful on 1 v 1 duels?


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PostedMar 02, 2014 9:13 pm
bloods_red wrote:
will this be useful on 1 v 1 duels?  

well.... i dont think SPD is very good when doing PvP because they will kill you faster with Crit damage.

but if you wear a Critical gear like this person

you will have both high SPD and Crit (it was insane to follow LOL)

this person must be rich.

dont complain about this, in PvP people get very OP Gear

i am still trying to get revelation set that have a high Damage and Crit

[ Note ] the secret stone Guide, i will fix it later....

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BUMP Twisted Evil

updated for 24 march

Server Hydra.... IGN : Aefka25
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