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26 Nov 2012
PostedJan 20, 2014 9:28 am

War Bow Pre-planning Envoy

So, this is what I came up with (based on a lvl 50 build with Bard as sub)

Because of the moveset videos I have seen so far, Domineering Thunder (the Envoy skill at the bottom) seems like an AoE to use in dire situations, and expect it to deal damage accordingly. Did not go for any of the single target Envoy skills, simply because Precise Combo requires you to be extremely close and Supersonic arrow does seem good, but I would expect it to lack the powercharge other Bow skills have, so it feels like wasted points. I went CRIT/ATK SPD to both raise my bow damage and increase the frequence of its attacks(and the bard self healing as well). Really felt like enhancing Blessings of The Winds was the way to go (+10 lvls and +6 second duration, making it last 31 seconds, on a self/party buff that increases attack, 30% chance on double hit, nerfs my received damage by 10% and increases my movement speed by 10%).

Later on I'll get the rest of the CRIT envoys along with Icle Arrow Expertise(Icle Arrow +20%damage and +1 second duration) and War Rythm(random trigger on an 8% double hit chance that lasts for 30 seconds).

Give me your thoughts and feedback =D
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