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07 Jan 2014
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Glass Cannon Guardian Build

Guardian Starter Build, Tips and Tricks
Why Guardian?
Obviously, guardians are the expected tankers in the game. I also played other games(MMORPG) and I would like to take a tanker as a character. Low damage, high tanking/defending ability and malice/aggression puller.

What is a Glass Cannon Guardian?
It is like a Glass when its Phalanx skill is in cooldown/not in use (Glass)
A guardian that focuses on his damage (Cannon)
A guardian that can still tank ( Guardian)

Why start at a glass cannon build?
At first, guardian have small damage and their reflect skill does not do much (even at higher level, I wasn’t able to notice a large difference).


I tried putting ATK and DEF points in these manners.

ATK points
I did not do hybrid because if you split points, the effectivity of SPD, DAMAGE and CRIT would decrease since SPD and CRIT relies of percentage and Damage gives a terrible amount of damage output.

PURE SPD( ATK points), I tried putting a lot of ATK points on SPD but I cannot feel it at all and it is because of being a starter character(lowbie). Almost everyone said that it would be good because it can make the cooldown of the skill being a tanker faster ( Phalanx/Shield wall) BUT in lower levels, it cannot lower cooldown of this skill that significantly. It also speeds up your DoT skills but you only have 1 DoT skill.

At lower levels, you have 3 spammable skills on a monster which may avoid you doing nothing for a span of time. Speed does not amount to damage and you’re not going to kill a monster faster. At lower level, your aim is to level faster and be stronger

PURE DAMAGE (ATK points) gives a ranging 1500-2000 additional damage( not sure) at lvl 40. This must be idiotic for a Tanker but you need also to damage and this is not a game where you need to have a party and tank everything BUT in my opinion ,the ATK points allotted in this build is not worth of the amount of damage given by this build. It is up to you.

PURE CRIT(ATK points) , I can attain 25-30% Crit with the same ATK points at lvl 40.
This build is my starter build and it must be partnered by Crit damage %.

Hypothetical example:

Let’s say you have 130% crit damage with 30% Crit and have a damage of 10,000
It would give you 13,000 total amount of damage 1 out of 3 attacks
It is better than having an additional of 1500-2000 damage or having a spammable skills (though it is really spammable even it is not PURE SPD)

What if you do not CRIT then it is more viable to go PURE damage since the difference is only 1k?
The thing a while ago has a hypothetical damage amount. At lvl 40, you would be having 18k – 20k of damage which means additional of 6k damage when it crits and not 3k damage. Skills also has its own skill damage and some has multiple hits therefore more chances of doing crits and multiple crits might get higher damage output. Guardians has debuffs like lowering enemies defenses and crit would have a higher damage output when the enemy is under the debuff.

Def Points
I do not particularly look into this one since you will not going to die fast and you are fighting weak monsters but I will say my opinion.

PURE HP- one of the squishy builds that would get. You have a Hard tons of HP but potions cannot cope up with the damage you receive. One advantage of this one is to test the envoy skill that gives 75% damage reduction when 25% hp is left FOR 8 SECONDS. The envoy skill is quite convincing but it also has some kind of cooldown and only lasts for 8 sec.

PURE EVA – Who would want to get hit? When you get hit, it hurts.

PURE DEF - This is part of Glass Canon Build. There is an envoy skill where 20% of defense would be added to damage ( Isn’t it GREAT?). It does not decrease your defense (FYI)
More tanky and sturdy, more damage. We all know that Crit % and Crit damage for a build does not add up significantly if you do not have a higher damage.
With the last skill combine that adds up defense, you would get an additional damage.

For Envoy points

- Prioritize the attack speed, damage, crit damage ( In order)( Chronologically)
- you can also consider def
- Reach envoy skills that reduce damage and def to damage
- You might also need the additional malice if you are having difficulty in getting the mobs

PROS of Glass Canon Build
Since leveling up is faster in questing where the quest is asking you to kill mobs, it is better to kill mobs faster. In that case, you finish quest much faster.
• 2-3 skills KO monster
• Can handle 2-5 mobs at a time( with Phalanx and taunt/roar)
• Got whooping high damage and crits ( sense a feeling that you are powerful and sturdy)
• Can do quest in killing monsters faster.
• You’re also a DPS that can tank (because of Phalanx)
• Can do solo faster
• It is [rare to lose/easy to] aggro since you got higher damage than a dedicated tank and got also malices.

CONS of Glass Canon Build

• Without BARD ( partymate) and Phalanx/Shield wall, cannot tank that much in party /Hard instance
• With BARD( partymate), Phalanx/Shield wall and roar/taunt can do the job well (tanking).
• Not a party expected tanker
• The best way to die is when you are tanking but the phalanx get into cooldown and you die first
• The worst way to die is when you are not tanking and you forgot to use Phalanx.

Tips and tricks

• Use wind Fury( rushing attack skill) to avoid AoE attacks of bosses when tanking. When the boss has its aggression towards you, it will not attack for a while and it will follow where you are. Thus, taking your time for a potion and giving your phalanx skill a good 2-3 sec cooldown.
• Use Sigruns’ ultimate attack,
- When you have 60% hp
- When your party mates do not avoid AoE of bosses (those dedicated DPS characters)
- When Phalanx skill is in cooldown( since it has long action/casting time, Don't know if you get damage in its action/casting time)

• Search for damage, crit and def for your gears as 1st priority and damage reduction as 2nd priority

• Do not Use Taunt/Roar when you are about to die, you’re going to make your character die faster.

• Use Taunt/Roar (party), only:
o When getting mobs aggression towards you whereas your partymates luring it.
o Before the boss fight.( I mean when you are going to attack the boss, since bosses has its minions)
o When mobs' aggression is not towards you
o When your party mate is receiving damage.

• Always prepare phalanx before/immediately after using taunt/roar unless you can tank everything without it.

• Phalanx cast timing and cooldown is very essential since this build do not have much speed and 10 sec cooldown of it may trigger the envoy skill or may be the cause of your death and your partymates.

• Malice and aggression towards you is not always an advantage just lure enough/handful monsters that you know you can tank.

• When to use Phalanx:
- When you have 50% hp( Especially for Phalanx with Hp Regen skill)
- When you taunt/roar many monsters you can't tank without it.
- When engaging with bosses
- When there is an powerful AoE skill that you cannot dodge

• When not to use Phalanx:
- When there are other damage reduction buff from you partymates
- If a bard's/other classes' heal is enough for you to live as tank
- Fighting mobs before boss and its minions confrontation.

For Duelist Sub Class
• Use Sanguine Blade ( Recover HP), when you do have 50% hp or when Phalanx skill is in cooldown.
• Always use duelist's debuff and DoT skills(because of its long cooldown), sword slash skill before any high damaging skills like your Eidolons ultimate and sub classes combo.

I am not a Pro Guardian and I am not looking at the future caps and content (when doing this) but still making this might help others that want to build / start a guardian. This might help them to level up faster. I am just sharing my experience in my first week being a guardian. ( not an OBT player)
This build is not for end game but for starters. I might change my build in the future and resets became expensive in higher levels. However, if you want to level up faster then get a leveling up build and reset later.

BTW, I have a Guardian/ Duelist that is why I only got tips for Duelist sub. I also choose duelist because I prefer single target skills and for its DoT skills. In my own opinion, Ravager AoE skills might be better for a tank in pullling mobs but mobs really dies first when you are in a party and in the end, bosses are the only ones that are left. Single target skills would have a better use.[b]


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07 Jan 2014
PostedJan 17, 2014 6:24 am
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