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23 Dec 2013
Paranaque City Philippines
PostedJan 16, 2014 5:00 am


Can you help me?
(Aura Kingdom)
I'm really having a hard time using their site.

Here in PH. I just bought TWO 200PHP/4$.

Aeria needs 5$ to process?
-I put my first pin of 200php/4$ and i lack 1$. ( to complete my process? )
-so i top up the second pin (another 200php/4$) and the game accept it but i only got 5$ (500AP) instead of 8$(800AP)? ok that make sense it's like dividend of 5.. so the systems says i still have 300 remaining?
-then for some reason you have no choice but to buy 2$(100php) because they only process a total of 5$ right? so when i got back... and repeat the process.. it resets to 0$ not the 3$ that should have been there? and it ends up having 2$ in my hand so i couldn't load it up!

Question : Where does my remaining 3$(150php) went?
Question: Where can i add my remaining 3$ that is supposed to be my remaining $ to add it up with my 2$ (100php) on hand? so it could process the way it should be?

Thanks for those who would answer..
(Complicated System) Sad
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