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PostedJan 12, 2014 2:21 pm

Aura Kingdom Server Status Page

Aura Kingdom's Server Status!
You can be the first to know when the servers are online after maintenance with the Server Status Page.

Is there a Standalone App for this?
Not yet. This will be re-released in the near future.

How do the ping measurements work?
  1. My server pings Aeria's game servers twice, measures the time it takes for each.
  2. If the first two measurements differ (one says "online", another says "offline"), it pings a third time (tie-breaker). (Offline is determined by 5000ms with no response from the server)
  3. The ping times (either 2 or 3) are then averaged to provide "Avg. Ping"

Okay, now what do they mean?
30ms - 110ms - NORMAL. The normal low ping is 41ms. Sometimes, my server takes a few ms to run a couple other processes, so 80ms isn't uncommon. There means there's no issue.
110ms - 1000ms - LAG ISSUES. No packets are being dropped, but there is significant delay, which could cause visible lag in-game.
1000ms - 5000ms - SEVERE LAG / PACKET LOSS / OFFLINE. 5000ms is the limit, and offline servers will read 5000ms. If 1 packet is lost of 3 that are sent, the average ping will be 1600+ (5000+80+80)/3 (with room for calculation / measurement errors). If only 1 server has this reading, it's likely an error. If multiple servers have this reading, there's likely a network issue between the servers.

This service only detects whether a server is CAPABLE of receiving a connection on the designated ports, it doesn't detect any software issues, like if the login software doesn't allow you to log in.

Therefore, our site MAY report that a server is online when you cannot log in. This only means that the server is physically online, and not that everything is playable.

This script is provided as is, provides no warranty or guarantee of any kind, and is an UNOFFICIAL tool provided by us, not Aeria. If you have any issues, please contact me here.

Also note that my server which runs all of these is funded strictly by ourselves and by ads. If you see something you like, feel free to explore and support our advertisers. Smile
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