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new year

new year story event:)
Areto (Server 1)

As a Warrior, many would assume that I would go off on quests from the Duke or Princess, slay some Astaroth warriors maybe a couple of Forest Bethemoth, enter the demon Tower to gain some new loot to help make myself more powerful to help the Goddess when in fact I wouldn’t do any of those things, I wouldn’t stay in El Alamein, I would head out the Village where I first started this quest. I would take some meat and berries, lay out a blanket and with my fellow dragon pals we would sit and relax, worrying about nothing and no one, we would greet our fellow friends such as XENAFR, we would congratulate those who were getting married, maybe even join the celebration and bless the beautiful couple. Then all of us, Snaggles, Gaia, Spyrious, derga, Tarrasque, Nexous, Sea Wyvern, Draconis, the Ancient Black dragon and the Ancient Red Dragon and myself would sit, and watch the fireworks, we would snuggle up to keep warm, have a fire burning while roasting marshmellows and just cherish our time together. For as a Warrior I, Areto, would spend time with those who mattered to me on New Years and to celebrate the year that we made through with the help of our fellow friends.


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My character's new year's eve story in Crystal saga Smile :
A sunny but cold day in the land of Vidalia. New Year’s Eve it was just around the corner. Riku spent almost all day outside doing some quests until noon. “Phew, finally, my job for today is done!” said to herself while making her way home in the Tree of Life. She decided then to stop and sit in a bench to rest a little. She was staring at the sky when she saw something strange, a red colored cloud far in the distance. "Eh... That's weird… but not really my problem, it’s coming from Starglade I’m sure someone will take care of that." Feeling somewhat guilty she went to search for the village Elder, when she found him he told her to go investigate that rare cloud. "But I just finish my duties for the day…”
-I know dear but you're the only one in this place that knows how to fight in case is a treat for the people-
-- W-well yeah but I’m tired already and I have other things to do… I mean it could be easier to go find someone else and... ok, ok I’ll go.
Riku mounted her lovely white tiger mount, Byakko, and left. "He didn't have to give me that look, I wonder if old people is usually like that" she thought for herself. She went to the vault for supplies and grabbed some stronger gear "I’m really tired... what if it's something really bad? And it's New Year's eve! *sigh* just my luck, what an annoyance". Then she headed to The Void Encampement to reach Cragstone and from there just a few steps to the big city, since it was the fastest way to get to Starglade and investigate at the same time. "I hope I don’t get into trouble… Maybe if I tell someone else they can get rid of the problem, besides from what I've heard from the villagers there must be really strong people there". On the way to the city she noticed that the cloud was getting bigger “What might it be? Everything looks peaceful from here.” Riku encountered a few mobs but she got rid of them easily. She was getting nervous and make her tiger to speed up before finally entered Starglade and what she saw there surprised her... The enormous red-like colored cloud was nothing but the reflection of the smoke from a lot fireworks! There was a big celebration in the city with everyone laughing and having a magnificent feast. "Wow I ran all the way here just for nothing... Ooops I meant you my kitty, hehehe" Riku said while petting Byakko, finally relieved. "Well, now that I'm here I should have some fun… besides it's dark already and I feel really tired to go back".
Close to midnight already... everyone awaits expectantly for the countdown to start. Riku gets away from the crowd for a while and sits right next to the wishing well. "Looking up to the sky again huh? What a beautiful sight." Countdown began as a shooting star appeared in the distance... 3, 2, 1 it's finally New Year! Riku closed her eyes and make a wish before falling asleep.


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1. The objective is to write up your in-game characters NEW YEARS STORY!
2. You must include in-game references (cities, bosses, other players etc)!
3. Post your story in this posting!!!!

I am going to be brutally honest. What I did on New Years was not an ordinary New Years. I decided to take it upon myself to stay home and play AK (Aura Kingdom). The day before New Years was perfect until New Years actually came. My character spent about 3 hours drop hunting for Armor/Weapon reinforcements. I only got about 3 of each. I have saved a total of about 10 each before upgrading my gear. Come to find out when I was upgrading all of them failed....(YAY..."Sarcasm"). It was time for Arena Event! WOOT! It only happens every 2-3 hours. I was totally looking forward for this until I find out we have no bard and the other team were owning us even the bard it self. (I got 1-2 hit by the bard a few times) My ego was so high thinking I have killed so many people... 10 mins later I have killed 3 and died 11 times.... (3/11 Ratio YAPPIE " Apply more Sarcasm here") My guildies and myself decided to do some raids and we couldn't find a bard but one did apply to the party about 30 mins of having some guildies PvP ( Me getting trolled by everyone's crits and accuracy D:<) My toon was a DPS/Supporter. We was running to the bosses and noticed the bard didn't heal once only DPS and attacked. I asked nicely after running in circles around the monster trying not to die and heal myself and the party. ( partied died about 4-6 times before we made a plan) My guildy refused to kick the bard, my toon kept getting owned by players and monsters. My NEW YEARS WENT SWELL! In the end just PvP'd with friend and made new friends and meet some cool bards! It was the beginning of a friendship and also a new game Smile


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Mighty New Years Event Entry

My Stronghold Kingdoms Characters New Years Eve Story.
New Years Eve Of Flames
"This story is based on actual historical events, with added embellishments"

In The World of Stronghold on the Continent US

In the capital of Livingston Parish in Napa, California.
As the town bell struck midnight on New Years Eve midnight,
As the sister and brother team of Yashashi and ravenue drink a toast to the
New Year as fireworks shoot up from the turret towers and exploded brilliantly,
they look forward to bringing glory to their faction in the new year and trampling
their enemy’s below their feet, as they look out from the bell tower of Livingston
capital, they smell a deep odor of burning ambers before them as the wind gushes by them,
at first glace they assume a firework mishap, they quickly run to the opposite side of
the bell tower to investigate, and to their dismay they see a 3rd of the county ablaze.
"Scene shift”

A lonely soldier opens he’s eyes and sees shimmering firelights, he smells the wet
stench of death, as he comes to he’s senses he notices he is in a pile of soldiers
rendered athunder, as he sees a terrible army force burning and destroying he’s village
in King City Parish –San Bernardino.
The soldier sees in the distance on top of a pile of body’s, a laughing madman
with blood dripping from he’s mouth and hands, cackling like a wild dog.
A small black creature shoots up the pile of body’s and jumps into the madmans hands,
As the madman strokes the monkeys head, he says "another lovely pile ace"
As the monkey flips in he’s hands and then flips the bird.
"Scene shift”

Our intrepid hero’s Yashashi and ravenue arrive at the nearest destroyed village,
The village is no more then a pit of rubble, with the emanating stench of cow corpses
within, a young figure hobbles towards them out of the flames and says "a demon did it"
and collapses while pointing to a lined rubble of rocks, “a large aligned rubble of blood
soaked rocks spells out” "fresh4you!"
Our 2 Hero’s return to Livingston command center and launch the California siege signal,
a large fireball launches out of a deep well deep into the night sky and erupts into
a melee of fire lighting up the night sky, and lights up all of California and they quickly
send out the messenger falcons to the California factions,
and unleash their monks to protect the lands from the invader,

And they mount up their army’s and give chase,
5 hours into the chase and 20 villages later,
as our hero’s army’s rally at Soledad Parish, they are joined by a Warrior of Livingston and
SephySama of Hammers of Hard, Sephy’s scouts report the reason we can not catch up
to he’s army’s "he is using demon enhancements"
and is using the same to shield thecity’s that he is holding.

Yashashi moves her monks in to break the demons protections on the enemy village
were they are in Soledad Parish,
As the elite monks reach the edges of the village they hear demonic utterances,
The mighty monks ready their oak staffs as their force bears down upon the center of
the barrier the shadows come to life and begin killing the monks
as the monks are being swept into the sky in a blood rain of torment,
One mighty bearded monk pushes he’s way to the center of the evil emanations
He razes he’s mighty oak staff to the sky and then strikes it into the ground,
Screaming "In the name of God this place is cleansed!"
The heavens opens up and a light like none have ever seen rains down and strikes
the village destroying the evil barrier and freeing the village.
"as our hero's and their army's rush in and destroy all that appose them"

As our hero’s stand upon the destroyed village a report falcon swoops in,
our hero’s learn that our fitted foe has taken control of 5 parish’s
and has killed off their lords.
Ours hero’s quickly send out their monks to install new lords.

As our hero’s army’s are forced to split into different directions our hero’s come upon
a mighty castle under siege in the parish of Cambria,
It is the mighty village of Master Irish
As he stands upon he’s keep hurling mighty boulders down upon thee enemy forces
while cursing in an Irish rage, as he’s archers rain down firry death
upon thee enemy below,
before our hero’s could reach the battle Master Irish unleashes
he’s secret plan and hurls down a flaming boulder and sets the deathpits on fire
burning thee enemy army alive,
our hero’s rally against the enemy’s last 3 villages,
as raven must leave hes monks behind to tend to thee Soledad Parish
Yashashi sends her monks to destroy the barrier around Cambria
as our hero's prepair to swoop in and battle, a mighty falcon apears and swoops in
and drops a message into Yashashi's hands the message is clear,
It is a death decree sent out by moosaba the lord of the lands,
Just then the ground trembles as moosaba leads he’s blood thirsty Viking army to
slaughter fresh4you's army’s to the bone as all of our hero’s turn to the blood
thirsty villains final village,
as our hero’s army’s bear down upon the village,
fresh4you appears at the top of he’s keep, stroking he’s monkey ace and he screams
a blood curdling demonic cry as red demonic light comes out of he’s mouth into the sky
and covers he’s village in an impenetrable red and in gulps all that approach it.
Our hero’s are forced to wait, as our hero’s are low on faith charge.
"Scene shift”

A pitch black room with a stone table, a voice speaks snorting like a pig,
"the special delivery was a success"
A lady cloaked in white appears; indeed let us attack the squirrels in the night,

A man dressed in a red wolf pelt appears, personally i prefer swans, squirrels are so
Two red eyes appear as a barely human shape takes form,
Remember you all serve me, the one purpose,
I must have all the glory and all the power!
A figure places a large wooden disk upon the table and spins it while laughing,

"Scene fades to dark into the inky black darkness"


Character Bios
***: Women
Faction: West Coast Logistics
House: 17

***: Male
Faction: West Coast Logistics
House: 17

a Warrior of Livingston (real name not to be revealed)
***: Male
House: 17

***: Male
Faction Lawnmowers Landscaping Societiy
House: 17

game : Stronghold Kingdoms


copy rights: Yashashi and ravenue, all rights reserved, we will find you.


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Wartune New Year's Adventure

A New and Dangerous Beginning
"Finally," I proclaimed as I sat down to remove my boots, covered with mire from the Fetid Swamps, "we can settle down to a calm evening and watch the city's New Years' Eve celebration. Our guild has fought bravely. Yaros is defeated, his last few minions are retreating, and Balenor can be at peace."

"Indeed we can, milady," responded Ashish, as he brought in a platter of freshly-cooked Daradon fillets. The two were soon joined by FairyBloom and Elisca as they wiped the mud from their feet. CoraCercer and TurkishLight were not far behind, carrying their backpacks full of kyanite, soul crystals and luck stones. "And we've all but cleared out the Forgotten Catacombs too!" added Cora as she emptied her pockets of crypt tokens. "A good day for the Wolf-Pack and for all the land," I concluded while sipping at an HP pack and watching the wounds close before my eyes.

After a brief respite, I donned my Trendsetter outfit and gathered my refreshed comrades and prepared to rendezvous with our other guildmates: Savvy, Aionus and Luude at the Void Tavern just in time for the festivities. Without warning, F16Fighter burst through the door, almost knocking over Elisca. "Amberlin! Amberlin! He's... been defeated!" This naturally piqued my curiosity, so I inquired to whom F16 was referring. "BloodFang," he said, barely able to mouth the words while catching his breath. I explained that this was no big deal, as BloodFang is defeated every day at 11:30 server time. "No... this time it's different," he responded. After further prodding of my addled friend, he was able to reveal that this was no group effort that defeated BloodFang, but rather a single being.

"And you say that when Kalista, Dracula and Spankus tried to stop them, they were swept aside like toy soldiers? This is not good - not good at all. Do you have any clue as to the identity of this being? He obviously knows the territory to have slipped in undetected."

"I found this," revealed F16 as he pulled a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket. I scanned the document and held my forehead in dismay. "Friends," I said, "it gets worse. This being... this FIEND... has also captured Dinah and Elise and is holding them for a ransom of 100,000 bound balens." After repeated inquiries as to the being's identity, I finally relented. "It's... LordYoshi. Somehow he has obtained power rivaling that of the ancient ones."

"Contact Kiriku and Zeferiah and tell them to get the rest of the guild together. Find a way to get a hold of Rascal and Aella too. We need a couple of strong archers. It looks like our New Year's celebration is put on hold, friends. If we don't stop LordYoshi, we may not see another year." I gazed briefly at the Aeria Browser placard above the door of our headquarters as the rest of the guild filed out to complete their assigned tasks. FairyBloom addressed me as she was heading out, "Don't worry, Amberlin, evil never prospers. We'll beat LordYoshi. What will you do while we gather the troops?"

A bead of sweat trickled down my head as I revealed my undesirable part in this. "Bloom," I replied, "I'd much rather try soloing the Spire than what I must face if I am to learn how to defeat our adversary. If he is that strong, only one other will know what to do. I must venture to the Black Pyramid to find... Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living."

The look on Bloom's face required no further dialogue as she went on her way. I prepared my trusty mount, summoned Trelaina, my faithful Sylph, and set out on an unexpected New Year's journey that would hopefully not be the last...


Credits: Myself (Amberlin, Wartune, Server 5), various Wolf-Pack guildmates and other well-known players, NPCs, bosses and a classic sorcerer some of you may remember!


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Golden Age (Browser) Mighty New Years Story Event

“Dumont, Dumont”, I run in looking for him. “What is it LesNesbit” he said. “I want to ask…”, “no you will wait on your quest with everyone else”. “That's not what I want. You’re the royal advisor and I want advice”. “What is it I can do for you?” Dumont asked. I need advice about a lady that I hold dear. “I am sorry” he said” if it is relationship advise I am the wrong one to ask. I think you should talk to Pythia she knows the fortune and how to read the cards of life and the minds and hearts of men and women.”

“Thank you Dumont” I say and run up the road to find Pythia. As I entered Pythia's shop she greeted me thusly “My lord LesNesbit, hero to many allied with the great team of seal's how may a humble fortune teller and dealer of the cards of truth help you. I seek advice on wooing a lady fair I replied “and who be this lady to wish to pursue” she asked. The fair Lady Josephine I say. “What is the wish in your heart” she asked. To end this year and begin the next with her at my side, I know that if I can but do that then in the New Year I will have a chance to make her mine. Pythia thought a bit and dealt out her cards and looked them over and asked “what is your question” I stumbled not know what to say I wanted advice not to ask questions, but I began, should I throw a big new year’s party and invite all my alliance members like NoCoat, Lopez, Morganna, Monya and all the others so she would have to come?
Pythia flipped a card and said “no that cannot work for you as a good host you would have to spend too much time with your guest and would not find your way to your lady fair. I see in the cards for you it would be much better to invite her for an intimate dinner. Do you have hero roses in bloom to present to her, do you have hero rum to share with her? That's what I see you should do.”

“But alone with her I said I feel like a lowly squire in her radiant presence.” “ You charge in fearless in battlefield, hold your own against other alliances and charge daily on quests this too, this is a battle a battle of the heart take courage and seek out your lady/” Pythia got up turned and walked out of the room leaving me with my thoughts. I rushed back to my stronghold McDs to set things in motion. As I rushed in I found Theseus and Helen having a conversation. On my trip back from the palace I had decided to dispatch an invitation taken by one of my best hero’s. “Theseus I said I need a message taken to the Lady Josephine at her stronghold of Dark Angel” Helen interrupted “are you finally going to make your play for the Lady Josephine” she said. I looked at her funny and she laughed and said “I have known from the day I swore my oath to house Nesbit that you were smitten with the fair lady Josephine and it is about time you did something about it. Please allow me to take the message. Theseus can wield a sword but his tongue is as heavy as a plow blade.”

“Please” I said “if you can convince her I will be forever grateful.” Helen left without another word just a grin on her face. Theseus called me out on my endless pacing several times, but I could not stop until Helen returned to announce that she had accepted my invitation and would arrive at 9 PM and accept my hospitality for the night and accompany me on the first hunt of the new year. Helen had added that to make sure she stayed and give me time with her. “Helen” I said “call all the staff for we have much to do to organize a supper, music, and a full hunt.” I was starting to get frantic Helen grabbed my arm smiled and just said “it’s already being done my lord, relax, you will be spending the last day of the year and the lucky first day of the new year with Lady Josephine” “Sometimes fortune smiles down on all of us,” I thought.

Game: Golden Age
Character: LesNesbit
Sever: Ifrit


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New Years Story Event

As 2013 ends, she closed her eyes and unearths her treasured memories of the year that was...
Game: DragonPals (Server 1)
Game Name: Sakura

The city of El Alamein was shrouded by the shadows of its tall buildings, each unique silhouette melding to form strange shapes on the ground. The snow covered streets were filled with people ambling by with an excited and happy buzz surrounding them. The stars twinkled above the city and the moon lighted the way of many.

A young female mage sat above the city’s massive wall. As a cold breeze blew her way, it effectively disrupted her peaceful expression. A shout from below caused her once closed eyes to open, revealing jade coloured eyes. She tilted her head downwards and saw her friend, Cecil, indicating for her to come down. Jumping down from the wall, she crashed against him. He stumbled slightly before regaining his balance.

“Sakura, how many times do I have to tell you not to jump from that wall? You could have broken your ankle.” He reprimanded her exasperatedly.

“I would have executed a perfect leap if you weren’t there. Due to the location of where you are I couldn’t stop” reasoned Sakura haughtily. Cecil shook his head while leading her past the throng of the thick crowd. She quickened her pace to match with her friend’s large strides.

“Tell me then, why is it that I always catch you whenever I fetch you from that wall?” he raised an eyebrow, daring her to answer.

“The position of where you always stand has less people. Seeing that I would drag strangers when I leap from any other place, I would take the chance of angering you instead of someone I don’t know.” her explanation caused his eyebrow to shoot up further into his bangs.

“Oh, is that so?” he asked her. The female mage responded with a pout accompanied by a glare. Cecil ruffled her hair while chuckling at her expression. Sakura swatted his hand away from her hair playfully before proceeding to ask him where their destination was.

“To your guild’s New Year party, silly!” cried a voice out of nowhere. Startled, they both turned around and saw KittyKat8 grinning from behind them.

She latched on Sakura’s arm before sprinting through the crowd, much to the amusement of Cecil. Annoyed hisses and appalling swear words was what met their ears as they dodged and weaved pass the mass of people. In no time at all, they were past the citadel and were heading to OldEmpire’s guild house at much slower pace. The teenage male who was left behind caught up to them while wheezing and coughing. A puzzled look crossed Sakura’s face as she realized they were heading to another guild’s domain.

“Since OldEmpire and lolzzzz are about to merge, your Guild Master decided to ‘merge’ your party with OldEmpire.” explained Cecil who was able to follow them.

“Then how come you two are coming with me when neither of you are in a guild?” accused Sakura. Both mages shrugged and cried, “We got invited” at the same time in a nonchalant tone. She sighed as her two friends smiled at her. They continued to walk in silence, enjoying the feel of the cold air against their face and any exposed skin.

“Sakura, where were you this morning? I didn’t see you at all until around night time” KittyKat8 enquired, interrupting the peaceful silence they created.

“You don’t see me around in the morning because according to my old Skulls guild mates, I’m ‘nocturnal’. I wake up at 12 noon then go to sleep at five in the morning.” Silence once again erupted before it was disrupted by Cecil as he asked Sakura of what she did that day.

“Let’s see… I tended my farm, completed my daily quest and bounty, played a bit with my dragons and oh… completed my demon tower attempts. Speaking of that, they’re getting more vicious with me, are they doing the same to you two?” Both teenagers shook their head.

“You know we don’t come here every day like you do” chimed in the female warrior who still kept her hand looped around Sakura’s right arm.

“You didn’t mention anything about the Arena.” stated the teenage male curiously.

“The Arena was too hectic. Everyone was challenging each other, trying to get their favourite spot before the end of the year. So no, I didn’t do the Arena today but I stayed to watch everyone fight with each other. It was too interesting and funny to pass. CloudStorm and marksteele were up each other’s throat and kept fighting for first place. I think even Mithell and Demigod were joining with the fight for first place as well.” said Sakura, giggling as she reminisced of what happened in the Arena.

“We’re here!” exclaimed KittyKat8 as they have arrived in front of OldEmpire’s guild house. It was an impressive sight. Christmas decorations were hung across the porch, giving the building a cheery and festive air. A few people were mingling outside, laughing and smiling as they talked with one another. KittyKat8 rushed to the front door in excitement, waving a ‘see you around’ to the two mages that she left behind. Cecil and Sakura laughed at their friend’s random bursts of energy.

“Shall we go as well, milady?” Cecil asked her jokingly with his hand outstretched for her to take his hand. Sakura smirked and nodded, taking his hand as they joined everyone. Her smirk transformed into a smile as a quote from a novel she read entered her thoughts before she reached the threshold. ‘This is a day to reminisce the old memories to make way for the new ones; a day to enjoy the year that was before we begin with a fresh start for the next year. This is what New Years is about.


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who win ?
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