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26 Jan 2009
Lincoln Park United States
PostedDec 31, 2013 5:36 am
Game: Wartune
IGN: Snipes
Server: 1

Good and evil...All opinionated, it does not matter to I mate. It never matters who is right and who is wrong, only those who are left after the fight is what matters; the last standing is the way of power and control, rather it be for better or worse. For me? I am a soldier, the battle ground, the guild battles, the arenas. These are what I live for, and that is what gives me breath, the thrill of survival...
Cloud City? I'm not a fan of being crowded and I prefer being on the battle field rather then chatting it up with the fellow raiders and fighters. This new years I shall do as I do best, higher the death count 1 at a time, and take on any challenge, and take on my adversaries so called "best" in the battle grounds. With my trusted Bow, there will be nothing left but victory. What is my name you ask? Simply call me "Snipes". Remember it well. For if you see me, that will be the last thing you be thinking of.
This years end will most certainty will go out...with a "bang"
Sharp Shooter Snipes at your Service...*tips hat*. Oh and...try not to die to quick...*dark chuckles*.

All Hail Shining Force!


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21 Aug 2012
South Africa
PostedDec 31, 2013 7:18 am

New Years Story

Golden Age New Year Prep
Game : Golden Age
IGN: Bof
Server: Ifrit

WillemDerGrosse logs in to Golden Age and it's a mad dash to get everything done to get the 70% daily completion as this is the 1st time he has had time to login to satisfy his addiction, it starts of by donating his Battlefield Medals, saved from the previous days, Drakkari Slate Combo, then Bof rushes of in Sanctum city to Robert the Blacksmith to quickly do the 10 fortifications after which ,he breaks down some gear to collect at least 5 Midas medals which are then donated at the ally tab, while there upgrade some troops, back to Sanctum to visit Nate to gain some ranks in the Coliseum. Visit Gavin to buy some grain for the hungry troops after which a quick dash to Dumont to complete the daily and alliance quests which goes fast enough with VIP 10 activated, the Hero quests take a little longer depending on the follow ups I got, after that is done visit Pythia to get a good food boost divination and then of to Demetrius to collect my salary and the two bonus salaries , do 5 Navy Counter attack Dungeons at Bernard to get those souls to design some Warlord gear once you have 80 souls and the rest of the items needed. Click my Sire to buy some skill points and up my skills, display my Drakkari Slate Fragment and wait for a invite while now sending out my hero's to wilds and higher level wilds to complete the 25 needed of each and in the mean time got invited by Sire Oberion to get the Drakkari Slate Combine completed. Talk to and Reward the Epic Hero's I'm acquinted to and send out two Plunder armies to Sire General Assault's cities GA1 and GA4 Theseus to GA1 with Upgraded Cavalry to carry maximum resources back , Freya to GA4 to do the same and Telemachus to Sire Nonstop city NS1, collect my daily 70% completion and finally send out an alliance announcement, wishing everyone a Happy and prosperous New Year.Thank goodness that I got everything completed in time and I'm ready to go into the New Year with my real life friends who are just starting to arrive at this point for the BBQ.

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all at Aeria Games, keep up the good work.
See you all next year


Willem Der Grosse


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08 Aug 2013
Anime World C: United States
PostedDec 31, 2013 11:18 am

~My New Year Story~

It's all about having fun! C:
Game: DDTank

First off, I would probably recharge coins if there's the lucky wheel event C:
(Of course, to spend for the New Year and have fun~ Duhh xD)
Next, I'll do some boatyard to level up >.<
Also I will help other members on DDTank Very Happy New Year is also about having fun with others! Wink
I would do some league fights or oversea fights, to say "Happy New Year" to whoever I
encountered during this special day Very Happy
After all that, the day will probably be over Sad( Time passes real fast!
So I hope you also enjoy your day before it passed~ ^^
(BTW, Sorry about the colors >.< I just bored xD)


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04 May 2012
PostedDec 31, 2013 11:34 am

~New Year---New Meee~

My New Year plans.....:D
Game: Crystal Saga
Server: S1
IGN: (S1)Anshuman

First off....i wud wake my char up....
Take him on a stroll to do a quest or two for me and try getting the "Elite Slayer" Title....(Which i knw is not possible)
Then he'll wish his/my Guildees a Happy new year....and trade New Year Gifts....
Then my char wud go and get some much needed Sleep.....

Well thats all....XP


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01 May 2013
Nowhere~ Philippines
PostedDec 31, 2013 1:11 pm
OK! this is how my story goes~

Its New Year! Natsume was going around looking for something fun in the forbidden forest when suddenly a Le wild princess Nesna appeared and pleaded for help O_O

After hearing the story of Princess Nesna, Natsume decided to help her get her revenge on Devil Diaw for killing her family and taking control of their castle. They immediately leaved towards the Shadow Castle where Diaw is at. Along the way Natsume found a weird chick, a true crazy chick, its so crazy that natsume decided to make it as his weapon :3 Natsume and Princess Nesna after arriving at the shadow castle they entered the castle by destroying the walls that were blocking their way in using the poor true crazy chick that Natsume picked up.

After waltzing inside the castle Natsume and Princess Nesna stumbled against Minotaur who happened to be taking his evening walk. Mino became furious and angry after seeing true crazy chick was making fun of him. Natsume and Princess struggled to defeat the enraged beast and was finally was able supress it.

Out if nowhere Diaw suddenly appeared and capture the princess. Natsume chased diaw inside the castle where diaw ran off to. Finally Natsume caught up to diaw and begun their deathly battle for the left-over cheesecake that was on the dining table because after running for 4 hours both of them were so tired and hungry so they totally forgot what were they doing.

After Natsume barely defeated Diaw, he was able to rescue princess Nesna but whats this?! Natsume found out that all of it was just a play that was created by Nesna's father to make their new year lively. Princess Nesna and the king apologized and was thankful to Natsume for making their new year so lively. So happy the king is that he decided to have a party!! MVS bought firecrackers from the shop and together we watched the beautiful fireworks :3



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01 Oct 2013
bandung Indonesia
PostedDec 31, 2013 2:17 pm
game : Digimon masters

Title:How to make your digimon stronger

#1. first you find cards level 5 which you could get it from Dark Tower, if you asking why it is because that what most people do to get digicore which help to buy something called digiclone in DATS center exchange digicores to kamemon in order to get digiclone and by fighting monster monster in monster card level 5 you get lot of digicore! or you can buy it for 20m or scan those digimon egg .

#2.Then you find that kamemon shop that I told in step 1 exchange your digicore to get digiclone

#3.step 3 I'll tell you the type of digiclone there is 4 type in total first one is calles digiclone D (exchange with 1 digicore)/second one is called digiclone C(exchange with 2 digicores/third one is called digiclone B (exchange with 3 digicores/last one is called digiclone A (this one is special this one doesn't sold in Kamemon place, it either you buy it which is very cheap or when your digi and tamer reach high level you can get it by fighting monster in F-1 to F-3 if you don't know what that is I'm pretty sure you learned when you reach to that

#4.Last but not least is to use those digiclones by going to Richard Sampson he is in DATS center. First you started of with digiclone D it have a range of 1-3 after it reach 3 move to digiclone C it have a range from 3-6 then after that reach 6 you move to B it have a range of 6-9 after it reach 9 go to A the final one have a range of 9-12.Warning: There is a chance of failing during cloning it may even lower your clone statue the more the digiclone you go the more chance it may fail.

Letter from the author:There is this thing called back up prevent you from failing during cloning, I recommended you to used it when your digimon clone reach to 7 so it safely to clone 7-12 must used backup disk. You can get it by fighting monster cards, any monster cards have back up disk, I recommended monster card level 4-6 or buy it which is really expensive so I wouldn't recommended to buy it in GDMO

*Step 5 is bonus: To make your digimon stronger open all evolution slot including your digimon burst mode,in order to open your digimon ultimate,mega the item called evoluter is required but do not worry, you can get it by fighting monster cards level 1-7 and again I recommended to fight 7 most of the time with a high level friends have highly chance of getting those evoluter it really cheap for 50m+.or for begginer tamers you can get evoluters from event just need to log in and wait. I aprove and highly recommended this.Enjoy


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05 Jun 2012
Not from United Kingdom
PostedDec 31, 2013 2:22 pm

A Tale from New Year’s Eve

A silly story (for me at least)

There once was a man in Maple
Who was snobby, proud and disdainful
As he marched chin straight up
And would go “tut tut tut”
As he passed the poor children near the gable

The day before New Year, came a royal decree
Announcing Lord Grupa’s New Year’s Party
Everyone was invited
Everyone was delighted
And Makenryuu once again felt cocky

“I shall come to this party but not to be merry
But to show them that I am oh so legendary
Let them be awed by my presence
As they savor my essence
Why, I could even upstage the royalty.”

With foolish thoughts, Makenryuu departed
As he headed for towards Alberta as stated
He wore his best coat
And left his abode
He felt grand as he passed by the market

Soon he had reached the Divided Plain
A land filled with creatures and weird terrain
He felt a slight shiver
And his hair did flicker
As creatures began to bring him pain

“An ambush!” Makenryuu cried loudly
As he waved his greatsword wildly
He sliced at the air
As he sent them a glare
And the fight was done in a jiffy

“Oh no!” Cried he as he sheathed sword
And stood there lost for word
His coat was a mess
Dung on his chest
“Those stupid Potemkin! How absurd!”

No time to return, lest he become late
Makenryuu trudged on in a sorry state
His looks now unsuited
His smell so putrid
He surely is not feeling so great

But fate had other plans for the night
As he stood by waiting to strike
The unfortunate boob
Tripped on his shoe
And fate laughed as Mak fell in the gorge to his right

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!” Screamed the poor old miser
As he came falling much faster
The gorge was so deep
The cliffs were too steep
He was surely going to become cider

He opened his eyes, and cried at the sight
The people were staring at him in fright
He was in Alberta
Beside him, a Kafra
He was puzzled to how this transpired

The kafra sighed and smiled at him
As she softly whispered on a whim
“This is your savepoint”
That was all she voiced
And everyone laughed with grin

Puzzled at what all the hubbub was
He then recalled what had just pass
He smelled like dung
He looked quite dumb
“Oh dear heavens!” he cried without sass

And so the kingdom shall remember
Of the disdainful pompous miser
How he reeked
And went “EEEEEEEEK!”
The poor fool’s misadventure

And so ends this tale of mine
I wish you all a good time
A good new year
For all of us here
And avoid being an upstart slime!


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16 May 2013
PostedDec 31, 2013 4:53 pm
Name: Kili
Server: 1
Game: Wartune

It may not be the best . It may not be well known . But he is sure he can become one , not to be recognized . If he really want to be a great warrior . His name is Kili , a member of an alliance which involved some constant force. No for honor , if not to help their comrades despite not having very good skills. Still, he tries.

Maybe is very proud and find help is hard, or search ...
Just reaching Cloud City, was found in a crowded place . I really was not paying attention. It soon became to join an alliance whose name was Phoenix at the time. Perhaps, made ​​a few friends, though it was strange alliance win a war , they did not care as long as they fight together . As an alliance should be. After a while , Kili decided to leave that guild to find something else, maybe a little ambition and greed. Joining time then Skyrim, who were known among the strongest brotherhoods with 3 or 2 more . However, the battles may vary. Some lasted longer , others much less . He met a good friend, who from the beginning was offered help when you need sometimes . He was known as " Asmo " .
One day, they decided Kili and Asmo and enter a cave which was known for its random enemies. each one died another was reborn . Increasingly became stronger, it was becoming more consistent. The place was known as 'The spiro ' .

It was difficult to seek help because they alone could not. When I finally achieved , they entered that place . And the first battle did not hesitate to collect the life of one of the 4 members , who was a great help as anyone would have been. That first enemy with relentless force hit the torso and everything in its path of those opponents , including Kili and Asmo . Just past the first battle , another member fell fainting . Weary and almost dying , so deciding not to return yet. As there was only the keeper and knight. Kili knew they would not last for long , but still tried. However, Asmo had used his last potion of restoration. And his last chance of not dying . That beast , who inveighed against the knight and the archer did not hesitate to give the final blow to Asmo , who tried to resist any tanking , but his body could no more, falling to the ground and using it to power his sword will stand. Kili ended his last chance and could kill that enemy .
That afternoon , all were good but Asmo was grave health .
He died of injuries sustained earlier. Not because it was bad tank, on the contrary. He was a good friend to tank and Kili .

It's been a year of that event. Kili is not sad , but glad I remembered as a good friend and person . Celebrating this new year for he.


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22 Dec 2012
PostedDec 31, 2013 9:52 pm

Mighty Nw Years Story Event

My Characters New Year
My Character just spend her New Year with his stepfather Remmington Sitting beside it infront door, She Believe that Home is the best place Where she can spend New Year! She can always fight bosses and do dungeon in some other days This is the only day she can spend it to her family She wants to thanks how she was accepted.. Wishing The year of the wood horse will be good to her ...


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10 Mar 2012
banjarmasin Indonesia
PostedJan 01, 2014 12:45 am

~Happy New Year~

My happiness
GAme : DDtank
IGN : •Aqua♦ℳariη•

First i want to get married in new year with someone that i like >Smile , than we will hold a weeding >:O in 11.30 and invit all player to our weeding *-* and when time already hit 00.00 *-* we have fireworks party XD waste whole gold that we had and seeing beautyfull moon in moon gaze >.< what a wonderfull thingy gm u should come to mah weeding :3 we have alot of cookies there , after that both of us will hunt pearl for make a jewel in dzh *-* and DOOONGGG we get lv 15pearl Smile) that can be smelt to a beautyfull weeding ring ~ and LAST idk where it from , but we win the nomination to being a perfect couple from last year :') and spent all whole life together <3

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