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15 Sep 2013
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PostedDec 30, 2013 10:45 pm

New Years Message

i was bored :I i made it a little....different
The fireworks set off to mark the New Year, Lexus sat in his castle looking upon his city as Dinah entered his chamber as he turned around to face her. Dinah: “your honor, the towns people are waiting for your speech” Dinah bows as Lexus replies “good, I will be there momentarily” Dinah leaves the room as Lexus walks out into his balcony too look down to his city too see the town square crowded with people. :My people, My city, thank you for this prosperous year that has passed, for all the victories we have lead, for all the people we have lost….we will never forget them, this marks a new year for us, for the many victories ahead, we will never give up, never surrender and always prosper. I thank you all for your hard work and dedication and I bid you all a happy new year” the fireworks set off around the city lighting up the night sky. As Lexus turns around and walks back into his quotas to meet Dinah. Dinah: “my lord, what a wonderful speech, the towns people have stared the party, do you wish to join them?” Lexus replies “Not just yet Dinah, you go, ill join you soon” Dinah replies “yes my lord”, Dinah leaves the room. Lexus walks out of his room and down the hall to be greeted by two Templar's as they both say to him “your honor, our city is under attack, what shall we do?” Lexus replied “we fight back, gather all the troops to the barracks and prepare for battle” The two Templar's nodded as the turned around and ran out the door to meet the rest of their squad, they then leave to regroup with the rest of the troops. Lexus gathers his gear as he grabs his sword and walks out of the town hall to meet with his troops, as he leaves he hears a loud crash, he looks up to see a dragon flying towards the city. “Well, this isn't good” Lexus calmly says to himself as he runs to the barracks to meet with his troops. The two Templar's meet him and say to him “sir, we have regrouped everyone here, what do we do now?” Lexus replies “gather the tanks and prepare for battle, squad A, take the ground, squad B take the tanks and squad C can take the high ground” the squads gathered to their positions as the dragon neared the city. As the dragon flew closer the troops on the high ground loaded the catapults with rocks and fired, some catapults were full of coal that they soaked in kerosene and lit as they fired. Several of the rocks hit the dragons wings but only slightly disrupted it. A few of the burning coal chunks hit it, slowing it down as it crashed into the trees of a nearby forest. The fire would soon go out as it touches the cold snow. The tanks moved in on the target with the land troops, they then find the dragon trying to free itself from a bunch of broken trees that had trapped it. The ground troops move in for the kill as they near the dragon it looks down to the troops. As the troops finally get to the dragon they see that it had a satchel on it, it was a messenger dragon. They take the satchel and free the dragon as t flies off into the sunset. They return to Lexus and tell him what happened as they hand him the satchel. He opens it to find a box inside it with a small letter next to it, he opens the box to see a gem inside it, but the note was too burned too see what it said. Lexus takes the gem and places it in a trophy case in the guild hall where all his guildies can see. They all return to the town square to continue the New Year’s party as Lexus meets with Dinah as she calmly says to him “my lord, what happened out there?” Lexus replied “it was just a messenger dragon, it was only slightly injured so it got away safely, but I got some strange gem from it, and the note that came with it was too burned too see” Dinah replied “that is very strange, but anyway, its New Year’s eve, lets party” Dinah smiled as she walked off to talk too Elise. Lexus momentarily joined them and they continued the party until dawn. but too this day they still don't know what that note said or who it was from.

Endure the dark and don't be frightened at the moment of your perishment for the fragments of your soul shall be collected and fed into the void


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10 Feb 2009
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PostedDec 30, 2013 11:04 pm

New Year story!
My toon would simply sit in his favorite chair lazing about reminiscing about all the great games he used to play, and all the great times he had playing said games. He would then watch as the fireworks explode in the air, in dazzling arrays of light and sound. The fireworks and all of the joy the brought to my toon would sustain him through the harrowing trials to come. For once the fireworks end, my toon will sigh, crawl out of his chair and enact my plot to conquer the worlds! He will start with dragonpals, then once dragonpals has fallen before him he shall move on to Watrunes and conquer the plethora of cities there as well. After the fall of Wartunes he shall march on the great city of Aven, then to Grand Fantasia. He will briefly try to conquer Ragnarok 2 before fleeing before the awesome might of lag. After he has conquered all of games (excluding the laggy ones) he shall slay, the ancient, and possibly already dead SB monster!
Then he will choke to death on his own nosebleed.

The end
Remember if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all

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12 Dec 2013
PostedDec 30, 2013 11:27 pm

Re: [Browser] Mighty New Years Story Event

~ what would YOUR beloved character do? ~
GMAcademy wrote:

Our GM Team wants to know how YOUR IN-GAME CHARACTER will spend his or her New Years Eve!

Entries will be taken until 01/06/14 at 11:59pm PST


The GM Team will pick their favorite entries to receive AP!

#1 Entry: 1250 AP

5 additional entries will obtain 500 AP each!!!

Please allow 3-14 business days for delivery of AP once winners are announced.


( Starts: 12/30/2013 - Ends: 01/06/14)

Document the new years story of YOUR character and win free AP!

Be creative, but please keep it PG-13!!!

Follow these directions exactly to be sure you qualify!
1. The objective is to write up your in-game characters NEW YEARS STORY!
2. You must include in-game references (cities, bosses, other players etc)!
3. Post your story in this posting!!!!



  • No exceptions for participation outside of the time frame will be given. Sorry!
  • No cheating!
  • You may not reuse entries from other players or other events
  • You may not use multiple accounts to participate.
  • Must provide your entry before the deadline specified.
  • No cheating or plagiarism allowed.
  • All content must be PG-13.
  • Please allow a minimum of 3-14 business days for payout of your rewards!

Happy New Year!!!
Team Aeria Browser


id created this character bcoz my first character Thork is not that strong I made a lot of mistakes upgrading runes and spending my gold badly, i mean bad. hate that. then this character Genthork id created this maybe 3 weeks ago then i got stonger while playing like everyday at work, at home. i participated all the events i can. and i remember when i got my first ancestor reward that made me stronger and i gain a spot at the rankings with that span. honestly almost everyday i played this game thats why my character easliy get to the top to the standings. and just now while im writing this Tenue and warrior my parties in zeus event, they told me that it was my lucky day today coz i found all tha adazed punishers all six of them, then earlier i gain a viscount status open my third slot at stars and got my rare stars also a legendary stars. phew! that was great!lol! and earlier this day i purchased pegasus coz i was saving for it for two days.. now im doing my best to be lvl 44 so i can do my quest and also upgrade my suit into lvl 45 which i already prepare a legendary and artifacts. so ill be more stonger than ever when i reach that level. also the best part of my gaming expercience is that i gain 1000 gold thru commune. fingers crossed it will happen again. but for new year i know i can do better surpass all the quest and also the path of lights. i wish ancestors will reward me more golds. i wish that. thanks aeria for the gaming experience. i gain friends. learn new tactics.
before i forgot thanks to darkonous, azumy, tenue and masterss they taught me alot and they also give advices. AND to my buddies pantot22, sasha, chubzz, guill, yuilclyde may the best TITAN wins.HA!
also the most memorable part is when we do World boss and i got second place. i gain more silver that made me so happy.

IGN: GenThork
server 1


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04 Feb 2013
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PostedDec 31, 2013 12:32 am

New Years in the Hottest City in the World

Seriously, why is the boss making me do this?
My name is Mikaa. The boss said you guys wanted to know what I'm doing for New Years. I hadn't really thought about it until the boss mentioned it. It's kind of embarrassing, but with all the fighting and the training and stuff, I forgot it was so close to New Years. Well, here's what I've got so far.

There's something to say for spending the New Year and the days leading up to it in El Alamein. It's hot, really hot. It's on the border of a desert, so yeah, it's hot. Have I mentioned it's hot? I think I know where the Scorching Desert got it's name, the heat. Still, even with it being so hot, night in El Alamein and the surrounding area is rather nice. Without many clouds to block the sky, some of my fellow guild members-- we're from Deathshead don't you know-- go star grazing. It's a rather fun way to relax after a harrowing day of golem busting. But see, I'm planning something extra special for the new year.

Get this, after doing my normal routine-- my guild my normal contribution, fighting off golems in the hot desert, making sure my dragon buddies are well fed and have their dragon orbs all nice and shiny—then I'll go out to a good restaurant. I normally don't spend that much on food. It's just food. As long as it tastes good, then I'm alright, but the boss, she's been talking about buying me a special dress just for the New Year celebration. New Years is a big thing with her, I guess? Eh, I'll go along with it. I'm not about to turn my nose up at food. Derga and Spyrious, for all their politeness, won't either. I swear those two are ravenous pits. Where does all that food they eat go? They're legs, maybe? Tail's more likely.

Sorry, got distracted. Well after a nice dinner that doesn't include scorpions in any way, shape or form, don't ask, I'm going to find my friends and chat for a bit while we watch the exercisers run about the main plaza. I do that every day and look at how nice my calves look. I'm going to see if I can't convince my friend Astrild to give me some training pointers or at least tell me where she does all her fighting. That mage learns new spells faster than I learn new blade tricks. She wasn't expecting that Tornado Slash when we were Devil Cage Match, though.

Sorry, distracted again. I knew I shouldn't have had that last, what was it they called it, coffee. Well, that stuff was as black as tar and woke me up real quick. Back to my plans. After hanging with my buddies, however many actually manage to show up, I'm going to go to this little place out in the Scorching Desert I found and wait. You can't see the lights from El Alamein from where I'm going and not too many demons run around out there. I'll be taking my sword with me, of course. I'm no fool. I'll spend the time I'm waiting talking to the two mini-lizards, I mean dragons, that have been beside me since they hatched. Then, when the moon, barely visible as a sliver of a waning crescent, is high in the sky.


The first firework will go off. The sky comes alight with flowers of many colored lights. Mages will shoot off spells into the heavens as the clocks strike the New Year. Day will turn into night as white fireworks combine with spell fire and bespelled arrows from archers being fired from below. The cheering will be heard even from where I am. That's when I'll just lean back on the soft desert sands and smile. A New Year has come and drawn out the old. Maybe we'll be able to stop the demons and save the dragons. No. There's no maybe about it. We will save the dragons. We will stop the demons. Me and every other warrior, mage and archer, every Child of Fate, must march together to take down the Darkness.

Well, that's my New Year plan. The boss said you wanted it. I'm not asking why.

By the way, have I mentioned how hot it is? Seriously, can someone get me a bottle of water or something? I wonder if those mages know any ice spells. See ya'!


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08 Apr 2013
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PostedDec 31, 2013 12:36 am

My characters new years

Game: Digimon Masters in English
My character, MiniKirito, as a new years resolution, will give a 4/5 ryuudamon to a close friend, xSakurax, then start a new guild for the new year. After the guild has 15-20 members, i will amke a guild event where everyone celebrates the New Year together, almost as a family, and have a great time together. Then, we will all take our lowest leveled digimon and have a guild-wide grinding party until every member has a level 70+ digimon. Once everyone has that, we will all be able to have fun in File Island Waterfront. Afterwards, we will all enjoy a nice relaxing santa hat farming party to enjoy what is left of the season of giving and being with family and friends. Then, for the rest of the year, the guild will work together as a team to reach number 1 from the very bottom. After the fun is over on New Years, we will put a 110% effort into making sure everyone that plays can have a safe and fun experience. The New Year will be a new start for anyone who joins the guild, which has yet to be named.


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04 Feb 2012
PostedDec 31, 2013 12:55 am   Last edited by diiix_ on Jan 02, 2014 8:30 am. Edited 1 time in total
Okay. I'll tell you the new year's Eve or new year's day before 1.
It seems to have been planned.
but here's the plan I. Here's the story:D. Okay I love the title.
1 year in ddtank (31 desemcer 1 January 2013-2014)

My first. always start with the task boty.
Sometimes I am waiting for the invite someone. Sometimes I make my own room.
but more often waiting for the invite. because each of my invite.
never anybody want to come. Maybe because I'm a noob:(

. second. such as no friends or boty boty finish all.
My next SF. well this is where sometimes makes me annoyed.
Why do I always meet a higher level?
. but sometimes I meet a level far below me.
also it makes possible. He inquired as I am. Very Happy

. third. I love reading the chat member leagues.
It always makes me smile.
as though they had two personalities.
they're so scary when fighting.
but it's so funny when mutual chatting.

. Fourth. and this is the most important.
I always check the event. whether it's in the game.
or in the forums. Why do I call important?
because I've never had a coin or some kind of good stuff.
so I always expect gifts from event:D

. Fifth. If all of the above was done or what it is.
I keep silence in the loby. while opening the open menu. create monotony.
indeed hear a little boring. hahahaha:D

and waiting for other years or the new year. Hopefully I'm stronger in ddtank.
and those who me invite me. not disappointed.
wish me luck GM and you are friend.

by the way. thanks very much. but if you read my simple story with many routin Very Happy

game : ddtank
server : centaur
ign : diiixxx / ๖ۣۣۜDix


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27 Jun 2011
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PostedDec 31, 2013 1:03 am

An epic tale

the failed mage
The year started off as any year would with fire works in cloud city. But little did Yummie realize an epic fight which She was destine to lose was a brewing. She of course passed out at the pub she had secretly built under her city. Now you of course of oh that explains why Yummie refuses to move her castle to Erandel. With that huge mystery solved Yummie find her Self being awoken By Moksha She realizes this day is like no other so off she goes to plunder Her first city. She quickly head North and Visits her long abandon neighbor to the north for a few 100k in gold and some Ky-nite to help Fuel her knowledge. After a hard morning Pledging the land scape what else is a young mage to do. Of course Lets go fishing and Play with some Jewels.

Then The story turns Sad As mid day comes Yummie realies it time to head off and try and conquer Blood Fang. A fight erupts and Yummie sends Her Templar in for the first Strike. Waiting Bidding Her time. BAM Lightning Strikes down from the heavens. Blood *** quickly strikes Back. Taking some of Yummies Protectors out. Not swayed easly she quickly calls up another Lighting strike. What luck castinator pops up and she quickly Summons thunder to strike Blood fangs. Blood fangs Strikes back this time taking out almost last of Yummies Protectors. With a loud howl Blood fang Unleashless a final Blow. Yummie Lays motionless, Waiting for the God's to decide her faith.


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03 Apr 2012
PostedDec 31, 2013 1:32 am

My Story :)

Author By: Meee
Well, I need to wake up first Very Happy

Then I will go Bath <3, (I can't find the Good Anime Take a Bath).

Next Exercise..

I need to Relax, Watching TV !

If im Bored , I want to read a Love Story <3

Then I Will Go To internet to Play DDTank !

So, First im going to do is finish my mission like defeating Boss,Monster,Player etc.

Then Go to DDTank Shop ! Buy Something Like new outfit Smile

And if im tired i will LOGOUT.

So i need to Rest Haizzzz.

After The Rest EATTTT hahaha LOL.

Now My energy back i need to do my work, i need to help my mom to cook <3

Then I Noticed that the time is come NEWYEAR !i want to see the Beautiful FireWorks :3

Im Tired Sad so i need to sleep

GoodBye 2013 Welcome 2014 !

The End.


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21 Feb 2013
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PostedDec 31, 2013 1:48 am
Game: Dragon Pals
IGN: Kiba
Server: S1

Kiba's New Years Story

Kiba awoke from his sound sleep, surrounded by the crisp winters air within the Village. He checked his inventory as usual. Making sure he had all the supplies he would need. He then check for all his perfect leveled armor. Inspecting it for any damages it may have been dealt from the demons he had fought the day before, but as he started to count out all his armor he noticed something amiss.. Kiba's Perfect upgraded Bloodrage Sword had gone missing! He hurriedly looked about himself, attempting to find it within the recently drifted snow, but he had no such luck in finding his beloved weapon.

Up until then he had forgotten what day it was. He thought to himself, "Hey! wait a minute.. Its new years day! Maybe one of my guild mates took my sword as a prank!" Kiba then started to feel his rage building. Too bad he wasn't in combat with the demons, as his rage would have filled the container!

Kiba looked for his guild master Kageryuu to ask him if he had any idea where his Perfect Bloodrage Sword may have ended up, but to no avail. Kageryuu had not heard or seen Kiba's Bloodrage Sword anywhere! But Kageryuu decided to accompany Kiba on his quest to find his missing sword. They went through a number of MP dungeons and looked through all of treasure hunt, but still no Bloodrage Sword.

Kiba had become frustrated and depressed, knowing he may never see his Bloodrage Sword again. And even worse, he was supposed to attend the ball drop in ElAlamein and cut the rope to the ball drop as the new year began. His hopes and dreams started to disappear he wondered if he may have to ask someone to take his place in the new years event. But all of a sudden Skydragon, a guild mate of Kiba's, came by with some peculiar news. he had heard that a demon within the demon invasion had a Bloodrage Sword within it's possession and was using it to invade and attempt to destroy the crystal! Kiba knew for certain that this must be his sword. "Skydragon" Kiba said, "Help me get back my Bloodrage Sword."

And so Kiba and Skydragon belted toward the demon invasion, fighting through all the demon rounds until the found a Lord of Flames demon, wielding Kiba's Perfect Bloodrage Sword. Kiba's anger filled the gauge as he took back his sword and sent the Lord of Flames packing with a tornado slash. With his Bloodrage Sword back in his possession, Kiba was again able to fulfill his part in the New Year ceremonies. He smiled and thanked his guild mate Skydragon and Kageyruu for their help.

Later that evening at the New Years ceremony, One could see Kiba Changed into his Formal outfit. His shining smile as he waited with the countdown, anticipating his act of cutting the rope of the ball drop.

To clarify, in the culture of dragon pals the ball drop was cut just as Midnight came upon the land, to signify the death of another year. And as the ball would hit the ground it would open itself up to reveal Golden Feathers, Lucky Charms, and Lucky Coins to also signify a re-birth and a new chance for change.

The clock had finally count down to 0, and Kiba cut the rope to reveal all the new treasures. All the players receiving an equal share of the bounty! As the party for the new year calmed down, Kiba began to quickly tire. His day long and adventuresome, having spent most of his day trying to find his Bloodrage Sword. He eventually went back to his place of rest, knowing that when he woke up it would be a new day, a new year in dragon pals. But right before he went to bed he made a new years resolution. He never wanted to loose his Bloodrage Sword again, and decided he would always make sure he tied it on him when he slept from then on. He also made a promise to himself to become stronger and to be a team player with his guild mates if anything should ever happen to them. Kiba then closed his tired eyes and quickly fell asleep.

Digimon Masters IGN: Dart ~DarknessWithin~


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01 Oct 2013
PostedDec 31, 2013 4:04 am

Rila's Blissful First Day of 2014

Rila woke up on January 1st 2014 in the world of Wartunes, Server 1. With a lazy stretch of the back, she looks around her dormitory room in her beloved guild, Crimsons. Sunlight flowed into the room through the windows and its light pink curtains. 'Perfect', she thought to herself as she gets ready to meet with the rest of her guild mates.

After 2 hours of getting ready (yes, she takes 2 hours), Rila exits her room wearing her usual Waverider Swimwear and Bloody Demon Wings. Excited to start the New Year with her friends, there is a certain skip in her steps. Rila the Crimsons Succubus is in the best possible mood ever.

Upon reaching the guild's common room, Rila's eyes immediately scans through the sea of Crimson's members. Finally, she has found what she was looking for. Her eyes rests upon a certain Level 39 Archer. Simply seeing him eating breakfast by the guild's bar counter, takes Rila's breath away. Yes, she is very much so... in love.

Taking a deep breath, Rila decides to do her usual greeting. She rushes in at high speed, tackles Snipes off the ground, while hugging him tightly. "Master, let's spend the day together in private, shall we?" With a wink she added, "Let's start the new year with a bang."

Immediately after saying that, the succubus drags the archer away before he can finish his breakfast. What happens next will be up to the lovely readers' imagination.

--The End--
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