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16 Apr 2012
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[Paid Out] Mighty New Years Story Event

Updated with Winners!!!
Hey Everyone!!!
Thank you so much for your participation in this event Smile We loved ALL your stories Razz So creative Very Happy

Here are our winners:

Top Story: cjbuster

5 follow up winners: Swiftfalcon240, WillemDerGrosse, MerpingAround, ImperialFlute, Am3liajayn3

Congrats Smile

Please allow 1-7 business days for the payout of the AP. Thanks.

Our GM Team wants to know how YOUR IN-GAME CHARACTER will spend his or her New Years Eve!

Entries will be taken until 01/06/14 at 11:59pm PST


The GM Team will pick their favorite entries to receive AP!

#1 Entry: 1250 AP

5 additional entries will obtain 500 AP each!!!

Please allow 3-14 business days for delivery of AP once winners are announced.


( Starts: 12/30/2013 - Ends: 01/06/14)

Document the new years story of YOUR character and win free AP!

Be creative, but please keep it PG-13!!!

Follow these directions exactly to be sure you qualify!
1. The objective is to write up your in-game characters NEW YEARS STORY!
2. You must include in-game references (cities, bosses, other players etc)!
3. Post your story in this posting!!!!



  • No exceptions for participation outside of the time frame will be given. Sorry!
  • No cheating!
  • You may not reuse entries from other players or other events
  • You may not use multiple accounts to participate.
  • Must provide your entry before the deadline specified.
  • No cheating or plagiarism allowed.
  • All content must be PG-13.
  • Please allow a minimum of 3-14 business days for payout of your rewards!

Happy New Year!!!
Team Aeria Browser



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PostedDec 30, 2013 6:57 pm

GM Event

my Character's New Years Eve
firstly EpicRage would go and kill Bloodfang, get last hit and take all his loot.. Very Happy then go into Battlegrounds and kill a few opponents (Vejay, bloodofhell, Jogreenway and DarkLoard) then proceed to go into the Crypt and destroy all enemy's inside, Victorious he would come out and run around the wilds setting off fireworks and obtaining Gold Mines... then he would go and fish on a nice hill somewhere and catch a few wild fish while he rested his wounds... finally after a day of fighting he would rest in the Alter of Ennoblement before going on a quest to finish his Campaigns... then he remembers that his guild has a war going with a rival guild.. so he decides to defend his Honor and fight along side them... Very Happy resting for the afternoon he stays awake and see's out the new year with a celebration in his Guilds Chamber collecting random Mushrooms and celebrating with his guild mates Very Happy


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22 Apr 2013
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PostedDec 30, 2013 7:17 pm

My New Years Story

Hello there, Golden Age community!

I would like to share with you my New Years story c:

So, as I, Wizard, prepare for the most epic New Years Eve ever, I dance around my house listening to my favorite rap artists "spit out some ill beats, my homie", i enjoy my delicious McGangBang sandwich from McDonald's, and tidy up lose ends around my city. Order some peasants around, cut off an Orc's head, accidentally set someones Residence on fire while attempting to light the candles on their celebratory New Years cake (no wonder why mother never let me cook), just a casual New Years for this Sire. Then, as I do every year, I will spend part of the evening in the city tavern, hitting on Sybil, being creatively rejected, (as she comes up with increasingly colorful ways to thwart my efforts at getting with her every year) and leave the tavern balling my eyes out because I've wet myself from too many drinks attempting to drown out the laughter of the tavern dwellers around me. I will then, as i do every year, go to my grandmother Barbada's hovel just in the country side. She will tell me stories of how she once slept with Tom Cruise on New Years Eve by making him think she was Cameron Diaz from the popular movie "Bad teacher." I will then make my way to my good friend 1963Mick's city, and play a rousing game of Wii Tennis. I will then go back to my city, and crawl into my bed, pass out drunk, and sleep through New Years day to avoid the hangover.

This is my new years story.
I am Wizard, hear me snore!!!
*Groan* i shouldn't have had that last martini


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18 Dec 2012
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PostedDec 30, 2013 7:36 pm

New Year's Eve for my Character

Got many things to do!
My character will spend his New Year's Eve drinking hot chocolate in his city.
He'll go for a walk in the middle of the night to see how he greatly achieved his dreams of becoming one of the strongest sire in his game.
And then he'll go back to his castle to watch his favorite show The Big Bang Theory on his TV that flew down his castle few months back. He didn't know how to use it until another man tele ported from the future to teach him. Well, there's only one show recorded in the TV so that's his favorite one. And he'll go out and walk to his terrace to see his cities and people enjoying the last day of the year. And he's thinking of killing more troops and enemies to be a more great sire he'll become.


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17 Sep 2011
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PostedDec 30, 2013 8:10 pm

Might New Year

Game: Dragon Pals server1
User Name: CloudRipper
Game Name: CloudStorm

First off CloudStorm will go to her wardrobe to change into her New Years Outfit before she heads out to the Arena to fight with DemiGod. After CloudStorm's battle with DemiGod she heads to the Seven Dragon's cave to try and beat the Ancient Holy Dragon to gain his strength for future battles. Win or lose the party is just getting started when CloudStorm visits the Zodiac to complete the mapping of the Libra star. Once the stars are aligned it is time for an epic wedding to her love BioStrike followed by a lovely honeymoon and a kiss at the stroke of midnight.


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PostedDec 30, 2013 8:37 pm
First and only. lostdevil will get all the sleep he can before going back to the long hard BR hunt

short and sweet and truthful Smile



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10 Jun 2013
PostedDec 30, 2013 8:41 pm

Mighty New Years Story Event

My Leviathan Story
In order for my in game character to truly enjoy herself, she will be throwing a big New Years bash with her fellow Avengers. To set the scene, the party will be at our alliance leader Zumazen's wonder. We all have our aliases as well that we go by. I am known as Agent Scarlet, Zumazen is known as Hulk, and Billy bob is known as Thor. The party will begin at 10:00 pm on New Years eve, and will be held at Zumazen's level 5 wonder at 345,290. After all, who wants to party in a city when you can whoop it up at a wonder? We figured since we are all Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. should be the ones to get the beer. It is on the government payroll after all.Thor wants to bring Asguardian mead but feels the rest of us cant handle the brew. We will begin the nights events by feeding and watering the cavalry horses, and getting the 5 star Wonder Priests to put on a magic show for the children in the surrounding villages. As the night progresses, we will invite the Warriors to join in the merriment as we are regaled by the antics of Red Clown, Blue Clown, and Green Clown as they perform their server renowned acrobatic display. Barbada has been warned not to bring any of her poison apples, as Snow White is in another kingdom. The epic hero Lori will teach us all how to do the Bunny hop (try and picture Hulk and Thor trying that little maneuver) and Lillian will be asked to bring the floral arrangements. Of course the residents of Sanctum City are more than welcome to join the party, we especially hope Lord Bernard will make an appearance and act as emcee. The GM's are also invited of course, as it wouldn't be a proper party without them. We just hope Iron Man will arrive in time with the festive drinks. He should considering the fact he can fly, but his love for booze is well known, so we are all keeping our fingers crossed. Pirate Captain Phoenix said he will bring the grog if Iron Man fails to bring the booze. Santa Clause and Christmas Girl will be serving the peppermint schnaps, and bringing some sugar plum pudding for the guests. Hopefully we can keep Freidrich from stealing all the silverware so we all have cutlery. We hope that Ceox will stay out of the garbage so we don't have a huge mess to clean up in the morning. Hopefully, one of the GM's can cage him successfully for the evening. And from The Avengers to those of you at Aeria Games, may you all have a happy New Year!


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03 Jul 2013
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PostedDec 30, 2013 9:30 pm

mighty new years story event

game: crystal saga
server: 4
ign: (S4)2ne1guns

to celebrate a perfect new year, id go to tinosia delta and rent a ravensteed for a day. id go wherever i want and whenever i want for that day. id invite my friends (and yes, everyone in s1 and s2 can join the open new years party too Very Happy) id buy all the remaining fireworks from the quartermaster and put them in my vault for later use. instead of doing dunnies, id spare them bosses so that they can spend new year with their respective families Wink i'd get a lot of food (any amount, anything) so people would enjoy their feasts on the starglade tables. lastly, as the night approaches, light them up fireworks as to welcome a new year but it doesnt end there. i'd drop a lucky coin and make a wish to the vidalian goddess. oh goddess, pls make everyone's wishes come true, may we all be happy and may this year be good to all of us.

happy new year aeria and playmates


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27 Dec 2013
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New Years Story...

Listen Closely...
Hear the whispers in the wind... Hear the story of a Mighty Queen...

Hello can you hear me? Hmm good you can... Let me tell you something. A story of a mighty queen that protected her kingdom from Bloodfang Bringer of Chaos. This beast sought to destroy everything in its path an leave nothing but chaos in it wake but even in darkness there is always a light. Anyway lets start at the beginning of the story shall we? One day on a cold winder night... The Queen SillyKitty was having some friends over LostSoul, Sing, RevelASIAN, Morna and a few other close friends of hers.

The night was quiet in the City of Snow but that didn't stop them from having a great time. They made cookies, played hockey, and even had some hot chocolate while listening to the Crystal Ball of Stories. But even all the fun must come to an end. Everyone was tired so they all went to their private quarters set up in her castles. "Good night" she said an they all left to their rooms. But not everyone goes to sleep at night... Meow... SillyKitty Slipped in to her Ninja outfit made for her to enhance the power of her magics allowing her to slip in to the shadows.

As always the night is the best time to play. She loves to leap building to building with ease, Kick up the snow and sticking her tongue out as the snowflakes fall. She also checks on her citizens to see if there ok. But it is outside the wall she must look to because a darkness draws close to her beloved kingdom. She leaps over the wall and avoids her guards from seeing her... Her guard get worried when she goes out at night. The region her kingdom lies in is beyond the mountain of beast, only the strongest can get past but of course the queen knows the land like the back of her hand an the beast are nothing to her.

Carrying out her little adventure beyond the walls she seems to sense a ominous pres-sense near by. So she goes an checks it out carefully, yet swiftly and quietly she gets closer. Behind the large bush the beast face and the queens face match up staring each other down without moving a muscle. Only a bead of sweat drops and quickly the beast cracks it tail whipping at the trees knocking them all down... The queens fast combat abilities allows her to avoids its mighty tail. The battle has begun lets see who survives.

The battle rages far out from the city the powerful winds makes it hard to hear the battle raging on. The queen was trained in the most fiercest ways to combat anything, she rarely lets anyone see the beast that dwells within her. The fight goes on back an fourth one move after the other nether one letting up, all she can think about is protecting her friends an the people that lies beyond the wall nothing must stop her from winning.... At the split second the beast lets out a might lighting strike that hits her arm. Riddled with pain that doesn't stop her from fighting back making her magic in to deadly poisons. Throwing kunais and shurikens lased with poisons she aims for the vital points on the beast. The eyes, the ears, the nose anywhere that can block out his sense. The battle draws near an both are weak. Lets see who falls first...

Both tired, weak and ready to fall. In one last ditch effort to end this both summon all their power into one blow. Meanwhile... back in the city of snow her friends wake to realize she is gone like always they know she loves to go outside to play. So they go out looking for her, they ask the guards that patrol the night but they saw nothing. "Where could she be?" Sing said "who knows. Lets check outside the walls" spoke RevelASIAN "ok just to be sure" spoke Sing. All of them went outside the walls to see if She was there but she was no where in sight due to all the winds an snow. "Man its so hard to see" yelled Morna. "I'll use my special sight seeing magic" said Morna. "O no" whispered Morna "whats wrong" yelled Sing. In shock Morna quickly summoned her mount an rode of in to the storm and everyone followed behind. What has happened to the queen?

The queen lies still snow falling on an around her as well as the beast that has fallen in front of her. The beast still, dead, lifeless, no longer shows a threat to the approaching friends of the queen. "What happen here" spoke Sing "I don't know" replied RevelASIAN they look at the beast that lies there not breathing "How did she do this all by herself its unreal" whispered LostSoul quickly in shock SillyKitty leaps in to the air an pounces on her friends unknowing to her. Scared an in a beastly stat of mind she lashes out at them with her claws draw. Her friends yell try to calm her down but its no use. Morna, LostSoul and the other mages try to use a calming spell on her being as she is physically weak it will allow them to safely get her back to the kingdom with out further harmed her. Is she alright...? Who knows...?

The queen wakes up in shock confused an unaware she is home an in the safety of her kingdom "what happen" spoke SillyKitty. "Your ok. Your safe in the castle" Sing replied. "Where is he? Where is the beast" said SillyKitty in a confused and worried voice. "He is dead. You killed him for good this time he will no longer threaten this land" Morna said with a smile. The queen still badly hurt lied back down "Good I'm glad. The last hunters said they came back an killed it 15 years ago when i was 6" spoke SillyKitty with a sigh of relief. "Well we are glad that your ok." said RevelASIAN "But anyway... About what happened to you back there you were like a wild animal" said the confused Sing. "Umm well you see its a long story I'll tell you guys some other time ok I'm tired" said the sleepy queen. The queen slowly closes her eyes as her friends leave her to rest, just to quickly open them after sensing there gone. "Hmm guess there is no hiding it no more o well he he he" whispered SillyKitty as she falls back to sleep.

Everyone has there secrets don't they... ^.~

The end... Or is it... Twisted Evil

I hope everyone enjoys it... Sorry its super long :c


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11 Jul 2013
PostedDec 30, 2013 10:43 pm

My Story

Yasmina - Wartune

In start of New Year ..
will wake and wake my character

then wash her face

and make her hair then will choose to her clothes

then play Blessing to make her stronger cute character

then share happy new year in every where
world chat


then contribute coins to guild as new year gift

then play spin wheel wishing get 10 stones as usual

then see hot events
and crying watch hot - cuz my country not allow balens - any way

will go biltiz

and while that will go my city get to all ppl in it - they move in city all day on their foot - that helped me pepsi

and meal dancing with them while

go farm get some crops
then will go play romantic in cloudy city

and play astro wishing get red astro

then come in wartune forums and make topic :

thanks all GM and GS for help and nice game and cool events
happy new year

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