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21 Dec 2013
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PostedDec 24, 2013 8:41 pm

Prison Glitch from Light to Dark - Read Admins Please!

Stcuk getting killed in Dark Prison
Aeria Games I have already put 2 tickets in the past 2 days to get out of this mess and you guys haven't even opened them. So for the love of god! Look at this one. Okay I was playing with a few friends on Core 1 and we were doing good and I think stage 6 teleportation to 7 I was teleported to the dark side prison, take to mind I'm part of the Light side. Then now every time I log in I believe snipers keep killing me one hit over and over again. So I am not going to deal with it much longer because if you guys don't get me out soon I am going to get the 6 people I got on this game and move to the next so please hurry and me out! Please and Thank you. Also my Fighter that is stuck is named Croozy


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05 Jun 2008
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PostedDec 24, 2013 11:11 pm
Per this announcement as it posted here:

Please do be patient as with the holiday, they may not be running as many GMs in game. If its gone beyond 72 hours, you can try replying to the ticket and explain what is going on.

I understand the frustration of things going on and relate all to well if things take a bit of time to get done. Unfortunately, GSes can not forward the ticket unless it was a hacked account.

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