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08 Nov 2013
PostedNov 08, 2013 3:46 am

Hey anyone help me! :(

Hey I just joined Eden Eternal. I can't get in. It says "Connection to the server lost." but my internet is still connect. Help me please........


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15 May 2010
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PostedNov 08, 2013 7:40 am
I think the best way is move this to the Eden eternal forum, there is a much bigger chance that you will solve your issue there.

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30 Apr 2008
PostedNov 08, 2013 8:43 am
^ Is true, though as it happens I'm an Eden Eternal player myself and I look through the forums from tme to time ^-^ Except Eden Eternal forums which I check everyday multiple times hehe.

There was a Maintenance at 5.30pm PDT so maybe you tried to login then. If not, try running a fullcheck either through the EE launcher or through the fullcheck.bat located in C:\AeriaGames\EdenEternal

This might help you alot too!

BigNakedBob32 wrote:
First thing you'll want to do is make sure any firewalls or antivirus you are running allows the _Launcher.exe to pass through. Since there are so many different antivirus programs out there I will simply suggest using Google to do a search for "[Your antivirus name] add exception". This will most likely return some helpful results. You may need to do this for any antimalware programs you have running as well, again simple Google "[Your antimalware] add exception or whitelist" and you should find directions on adding exceptions.

Also remember that Windows has its own built in firewall, you may need to manually add an exception for the _Launcher.exe to this firewall.
Adding an Exception for Windows XP Instructions.
Adding an Exception for Windows Vista Instructions.
Adding an Exception for Windows 7 Instructions.
Remember the default location for the _Launcher.exe is C:\AeriaGames\EdenEternal

If the _Launcher.exe is allowed through your antivirus and firewall the next thing you will want to do is run a tracert to the Eden servers. This will map out the connection between you and the server and show any possible trouble nodes along the way. Follow the directions in this thread to do a tracert. Generally if you start getting readings of 300ms or higher you may experience disconnections or not be able to connect properly. Keep in mind that the Eden servers are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. If you are in a country that is relatively far from Eastern Canada it is more likely that you will have higher pings.

If your antivirus and firewall allow the _Launcher.exe and the tracert has low pings go ahead and start a new topic in the Technical Issues section of the forums so it can be looked into more thoroughly. Please include the steps you have already tried as well as a copy of the tracert.  

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