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04 Oct 2013
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PostedOct 14, 2013 2:33 pm

Suggestions for new WT modes

These are a few of my ideas for WT game mode suggestions

In this mode, one person is the person that has to be defended and is marked by their unique look from the other players. All other players are the escorts. The other players have to escort the person being defended to another side of the map without the person they are escorting being killed. The person being escorted cannot fight other players and therefore it is the mission of the defenders to protect the person being escorted from the enemy team. If the player being escorted is killed, the escorting team loses. In this mode the master can choose between just humans, wolves, or both.

Wolfhunt 2
In this mode it is like Wolfhunt, except it has just wolves and no humans. Red team has the normal zombie wolf and the blue team has a blue version of the zombie wolf. Each team has a king. The wolf king can choose between Lucian, Asmon, Leviathan and Bahama, except the stronger the king, the more WP it will cost. For example Lucian would just be +50 WP but Bahama would cost around 900 WP. The player can gain more WP by converting the other team to their team. The more WP you get, the more likely you will get a better wolf king to use against the enemy team. The king is selected randomly. There are two ways to win: One team must convert the other team to their team by killing them, or by killing the other team's wolf king.

Deathmatch Human Vs Wolf
Wolfteam already has deathmatch modes with just humans, just wolves, and both. But I was thinking of a deathmatch where humans go against wolves.

Capture The Flag
In this mode, the two teams have to try to get the flag of the other team. There is a long line separating the two teams from each other. The two teams cannot shoot each other until an enemy crosses the line to get the flag. Then they can shoot. That way, players can look for a way to get to the flag without being killed while they try to decide a way to go. When somebody captures the flag, they must take it back to their team's base without getting killed to win. When a player dies, they go to the other team's jail, where another member can sprint to the jail, take the jailed player by bumping into them, and the jailed player will be brought back to their team and be resurrected. To make it fair, players cannot stand too close to the flag. That way they cannot stand right on top of it and cheat. Also if the master includes wolves, wolf dash would probably need to be disabled since it would allow them to sprint right into their base and take it immediately and it wouldn't be fair for the other team.

In this mode, one wolf is the ice wolf. The ice wolf must try to freeze all members of the other team by killing them. When a player is killed by the ice wolf, they remain frozen solid in ice. The only member who can unfreeze players by resurrecting them is the fire wolf. The fire wolf will try to burn players on the ice wolf's team by killing them. When a player is killed by the fire wolf, they remain dead on the ground and surrounded by fire. To win, the ice wolf's team has to kill all members on the fire wolf's team, or the fire wolf's team must kill all members on the ice wolf's team. Another way to win is if the fire wolf and ice wolf kill each other.

Insanity is a really crazy mode. I'm not sure if this mode will be possible but if it is, it would be really cool. In this mode, any player can choose any item they want from the shop for free. This includes gold tats, wolf dash, SE characters, whatever they want. The other team may also choose anything they want. However they can only choose a limited amount of really good items, around three, so they don't go insane with all of the special items. They can also choose special characters like Yavuz and wolf kings like Bahama. They can then go into battle and fight the other team with whatever they chose. To make it fair though, nobody can use insanely overpowered stuff at the same time. For example you can't have a gold dragon tat, Bahama wolf, and wolf dash at the same time. It wouldn't be fair and you would literally be killing everyone in around one hit. Also, everyone can only play this mode once or twice a day, so they don't play this mode just so they can go crazy with all of the neat stuff they can try out for free.

Test Mode
In this mode, you can choose anything you want from the shop free. Anything. You can have a bunch of wolf and human stuff including Bahama, Yavuz, Rocket Launchers, SE Characters, Armor, whatever you want for free. However, in this mode, you can use your stuff free, but you can only use it against AI characters. You can also pick what you want your AI team and AI enemy team to have. For example, you pick a Lucian wolf with dragon tats for yourself. Your team mates are Yavuz wolves that have wolf dash. Your enemy team AI have rocket launchers and wolf look. In this mode you and the AI can have anything they want, but you're only using it against AI. This also provides players with a way to "try out" the items they want before they buy it.


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31 Jan 2013
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PostedOct 23, 2013 3:12 pm
Now those suggestions are very epic. I would love to see those suggestions come true some day.
Great job you did there on writing this long suggestion. Good job.

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