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03 Apr 2007
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PostedSep 28, 2013 9:09 pm


Okay, I been playing the RO2 at Warp Portal (installed via steam), but there is a bit of a lag and I was gonna see if I can run it better from aeriagames one. I tried running it and I get an ERROR_CALLBACK error. I tried every single solution I found online to no avail:

[*]Restarting PC
[*]Re-Installing Game
[*]A solutionI found on mmosite
[*]Have tried to do a solution about MD5[...].txt files but I can't seem to find the text files mentioned.

So then I thought I'd go back to playing the one I been playing, but I get the same error. I thought it was because I got both clients on same PC (although idk why that would be an issue) so I uninstalled both, re-installed the one from aeria and I still am having the issue. Is there a fix I haven't tried or is there a place I can download the latest patch manually?

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