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07 Sep 2013
United States
PostedSep 12, 2013 5:05 pm

I need advice about leveling!

(sick of grinding from 50% to 100%)
I currently have lvl 29 SW and i'm literally stuck.

I'm tired of grinding and i'm looking any other ways to level up my character.

Could any experienced player tell me how did they level up? Share some knowledge.
There aren't even many repeatable quests. You only get one each time.

I'm just looking for a ways to lvl up faster.

Btw, I've played this for 5 days. And now I've almost given up hope. Too tired and lazy to continue like this.


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27 Mar 2013
Santa Clara United States
PostedSep 12, 2013 5:33 pm
I can only recommend going through the Bitterstone Core Dungeon or doing lots of PvP. PvP is fun, and usually before you know it, you reach the next level. Bust some heads in Caergate or battlegrounds; also battlegrounds give nice EXP rewards as well.

A good way to level is to set your goal as something that is NOT leveling, but gives you exp all the same. It's a good mentality thing. You get exp that you don't notice getting; but if you focus your goal on leveling, it will feel monotonous, boring. That's what I did; just pvp all day and concentrate on KEEEL KEEEL KEEEL and I was surprised when I leveled up.

That blue glow thing distracted me and got me killed though.
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