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09 Apr 2008
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PostedAug 27, 2013 10:14 pm

Super September - Grand Prize

Collect all the letter to spell "BUNGEE" to claim this prize

Complete the monthly letter BUNGEE to get both Comet War Jet & Ocean War Jet (MSPD +90%)

See animations here: Comet War Jet, Ocean War Jet

Take the highway to the danger zone with this awesome jet, and why do it alone when you can give the other one to your significant other and ride off together in style!

Note: This mount cannot be used in dungeons or while in combat.

You can collect the all the letters in the following location!

Letter B - Master Reward List + Tier 5 in the Super September Monthly Tiered Spender Event
Letter U - Master Reward List
Letter N - Master Reward List + Letter N Crystal Box
Letter G - Master Reward List + Letter G Crystal Box
Letter E - Master Reward List + Tier 1 & Tier 3 in the Super September Monthly Tiered Spender Event


These Letters are not a physical item. You will receive this item in your item mall storage as a placeholder when you land one - this item has no functionality.

Once you have collected all six letters "BUNGEE" and follow the below steps to receive your grand prize:

1) Move the Letters into your inventory. Be sure to NOT stack your letters to expedite the redemption process!
2) Submit a Request Ticket Here.
3) In the Subject Field of the Request Ticket, put "September Grand Prize".
4) In the message body of the ticket, please provide us with the following information:

  • Account name
  • Server
  • Character name that has the Letters in its inventory
  • Which Letters you have
  • Which prize you want.

Note - Please wait 3-5 days for our support staff to manually mail out the mount. If requesting more than grand prize, please list how many placeholders you have in your inventory.

These letters will not expire and will be released again in the future, so if you are unable to complete the entire word this time around, make sure to hold onto it for the future! The letters are tradeable, so you can sell or gift this to other people if you see fit.

Good Luck!!!
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