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Information for New and Vet Players

New and Up to date
-If you guys remember my old thread, I had it removed. Since it was old and was not up to date.

New players installing Scarlet Blade

I can't play Scarlet Blade. I install the installer, and the game doesn't start (or I can't login into the game) What do I do?

First, if you install the game from Ignite I suggest you uninstall and reinstall by using aeria website. Or one of the mirror provided in this thread Common Issue and Fixes for Scarlet Blade. Most of the time Ignite does not work for most players. Make sure to turn off firewall and anti-virus. In order to install 100% completely without any files being missing or blocked or corrupted.

Help I was able to play yesterday. Now it keep closing the game or saying "Mother has disconnect you". What do I do?

You will have to send a ticket to the GM, giving them as much detail as you can so they can look into this problem. Ticket.

Scarlet Blade for window 8
miki379 wrote:
I currently play this game on Windows 8, I don't know if this has been posted anywhere else, but for anyone wanting to play on windows 8, what I did was :

1. right click the shortcut on your desktop
2. click properties
3. then compatibility
4. check the box that says " run in compatibility mode "
5. select "Windows 7"
6. Apply  

New Players and Old Players if you are unsure how the ticket works be sure to check this thread and be aware of how ticket works. Ticket System

Guide for beginners
Keep in mind that is just a basic guide, your experience will come from playing with the game and interacting with players online. Your play-style may change as well.
How to Guide all the way to lvl 29

To returning players and new player
You may or may not be aware of this but we had a merge. From three server into one server. The new server now is name Solaris. Merge Link

How to make gold?
Dungeon, quest, sell cluster and useless item. Sell rare gears. Sell AP items. Grind.

Is this Open beta and is it full release?
Scarlet Blade is officially in Commercial Release.

Why is the Sentinel censor? Isn't she 18?
Superman0X wrote:
6. Scarlet Blade is a mature game. It will not for everyone. If the amount of skin shown in game is an issue, you should try another game. These forums are not the place for discussion/debate over this issue. Attempts to debate, protest, or complain about these issues are not allowed.  

How to reset my secondary password
If you wish to reset it please visit this link: Changing secondary password

Is the Server Imbalance? If so, why don't the GM do something about it?
The GM are already of this issue since before the merge. They have suggested many things for Liveplex (the creator of Scarlet Blade) to implement balance. However, no word from them about this issue.

When is the Soccer Pitch going to be implemented?
GS do not when the new battleground will be added in. You will have to wait until the GM announce it.

When is maintenance?
It is every Wednesday at 5:30pm PST. Make sure to log out early. Maintenance can be change or unschedule if problems occurs. They may also be unannounce, however make sure to check the forums to see what is going on.

Server down?
You can check the server status here: SB server status

I have a question should I post it on forums? Will GM look at it?
Most of the time GM will look at it, however players and GS will be mostly likely to answer them. However we suggest you searching the answer on forum pertaining to your question. If in the end the answer wasn't what you are looking for or helping you. You may post it.

-If you have any question, suggestion, or feedback on the game itself. Like making it better or maybe fun ideas for event. Feel free to leave a reply. Also be aware any negative post will be sent to the GM and your post will be edited or removed.

Have a private question, then feel free to send a mail. I will reply to only serious question about the game. I may or may not know all the answer but I will do my best to help you.: Adasuna
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