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Rank 1
22 May 2008
melle Belgium
PostedAug 24, 2013 5:57 pm
patch after patch, more and more bugs
new episode fiew fixes
a lot of DC
AND REMOVED REBATE !! @_@ ( prob to be able to make even more money out of shaiya ).


Rank 0
03 Jun 2013
United States
PostedAug 24, 2013 6:18 pm
3/5 sf2 has been pretty good so far. Not liking the ap only guns though. Ava was absolute trash.

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Rank 5
02 Jan 2013
Meanwhile missing Tam In South Africa
PostedAug 24, 2013 6:45 pm
Mmhhm 3, Hoping the new games live up to the expectations.


GameSage: Aeria Mobile
10 Jun 2008
Belo Horizonte Brazil
PostedAug 24, 2013 7:14 pm
ST92splat wrote:
" How would you rate Aeria Games Service?"

I consider service to be a willingness to understand and satisfy the customer.

Let's give you 50 points (a 3), and add or subtract based on what I have seen in your performance.

The Good
Aeria Games is willing to host a wide array of entertainment, including categories that are volatile, or possibly too risque for most companies to handle. (+20)

Aeria Games plays host to a dedicated forum system and a wiki. (+10)

Aeria Games uses a Microtransaction system coupled with the Free-To-Play model. (+20)

Games often receive frequent updates and content patches. (+10)

The Bad
The discount Coupons for AP expire faster than anyone can practically use them. By the time I wanted to use mine, some 4-5 days after my first purchase, the coupon was already expired. (-10)

The chances for receiving various items from roulettes, chance boxes etc. is grossly misrepresented. Often it is portrayed that you have an equal chance at all prizes; while in fact, you have over 50% chance to receive an undesireable, low value item and a near-1% chance to receive the best item on the list. This leaves loot forges, loot wheels, and chance boxes feeling like ripoffs. The customer feels disappointed that he spent his money, you NEVER want to create this feeling. (-20)

Some server events just don't happen, or do not occur on time. Random crashes and rollbacks are standard fare for most online games, but bad communication about these events, and no compensation for the time and effort players put in at those times, is a faux pas. (-10)

Your final Service Score is 70 out of 100. You get a 4.  

I liked that. Specially the microtransaction + wheel ripoff Very Happy


Rank 0
12 Apr 2013
United States
PostedAug 24, 2013 7:45 pm
I gave a 1. That was the lowest number I was able to give.

As has been stated numerous times in this thread, the way Aeria has been managing the website and the game Scarlet Blade has been unbelievably bad.

This website, including the forums and chat system(shoutbox) are the face of Aeria, and despite what some of the GMs like to say, having your primary customer interaction work "some of the time" isn't good enough.

If there's a ton of your customers telling you that the forum and chat system aren't working, you don't post glib responses telling them that "it must be working, or else you couldn't complain about it" or telling them that there's higher-priorities for your web team to work on.

Your highest priority is to your customers and their ability to effectively communicate with you! It's not some stupid gambling wheel that might net you a couple hundred bucks from people you've duped into gambling for virtual trinkets.

I mean, ffs, the percentages don't even add up to 100. Are you guys intentionally trying to appear incompetent?

In addition to the complete mess of a website, there's the mismanagement of Scarlet Blade.

From the incredibly high-priced items in the item mall, the merging of all servers after only 3 months of going live, the weekly rollbacks, and the inability of your staff to rectify hacking/cheating; it almost appears as if you guys are trying to ruin the game to get out of a contract or something. There really can't be any other explanation for just how badly this game has been managed.

For those who don't know about Scarlet Blade, it's a faction vs faction PvP game on top of a PvE MMO. This is the current state of the Faction GSs:

Players on one side feel completely abandoned by Aeria. Our reports of cheating with subsequent Screenshots and/or video evidence go ignored. If we take the evidence to the forums, we're punished for posting evidence. If we post the evidence in-game, we're punished for "harassment". If we do manage to get our evidence looked at by a GM, half the time we're accused of photoshopping(yes, even the video evidence) and punished. Meanwhile, none of the people cheating are dealt with, or they're dealt with in such a fashion as to make the punishment a joke.

For Example: A player was banned for duping Unique Items(in scarlet blade). He bragged about it in shout. He told everyone how he got an email saying he was banned and recruited volunteers to help him move all his gold and items from his banned account to alt accounts prior to logging out for the last time on his banned account. All of this was screenshotted and sent in tickets. The result? Nothing happened to the people who helped him move the duped items, he's still in game and recently had his own little "event" where he handed out uniques like candy to people to prove he was still able to cheat.

On top of that are all of these ad-hoc events that appear to favor one faction of the game over the other. If we complain about it, the threads are locked/deleted. If we post evidence, the same happens.

Overall, there's huge problems with the game that are seemingly ignored, even when they affect the staff. The last few events have seen the very GMs holding the events being disconnected from the game by the same bugs that so many of the players have been complaining about for months.

There's been a whole lot more posted in this thread about just that one game and while I understand that nobody from the staff is even going to read this, or actually digest it, I'm hoping people who play the other games will see this and recognize that if Aeria can treat the players of Scarlet Blade in such a way, there's nothing stopping them from doing the same to you guys in your respective games..


Rank 5
18 May 2009
PostedAug 24, 2013 7:45 pm
The last patch on LC (jewel system) + aeria price for the new items killed last chaos
the game had many players and now when i log in all i see is a died game ...
+ aeria/gm choice the sleep scroll are still allowed in arena

stratos made an event for halloween, the players still didnt get their prize ...
Stratos = PM
he is supposed to do things well ...

Need more action against the cheater cus its really annoying, i had some wb that made me win some nice items like xp/sp *2 but there is some people useing a hack to get +40 win in only 1 game so they break our gun and im not going to waste +20k sp every 30min just cus i want to play
I know there is now one moderator going on the SF forum but it could be cool if one more would go on it sometimes cus there is a lot of wrong things happening here everyday

In same time it could be cool if you do something against the persons spamming the forum, when isee some players posting like 50 times per day but all they is quote/+1 i dont think its ok and its annoying

could be cool to see something about the signature, like a size limit
cus some players use 1 very big sign or 2 sign and its like a 800*500 little wallpaper x.x

ignite is considered as a cheat program i think by the anticheat from SF2-EU
it annoys me cus i dont check everytime if its ON or not


Rank 5
27 Nov 2010
Poor University Student, New Zealand
PostedAug 24, 2013 8:34 pm
Looks like Scarlet Blade had the same problem we had at DKO. Although we managed to split our Team after a month or so. I'd raise it with Scarlet Blades GM's Fuzzy.


Rank 3
18 Feb 2009
PostedAug 24, 2013 9:55 pm
JmainIdeas wrote:
Many Dcd's

No Service to Join

Tickets taking toooooo long.

No 10 % Linking Bonnuses

No more Rebates

Too Much Bugs

PvP Absortions Un fixed  


You received 1 from me for Shaiya for the same reasons. Removing 100% UM rebate being a big concern as well as the constant downtime from disconnections. Also the fact that no glitches where even fixed with this new episode and you are totally ignoring player feedback based on how bad the current 80 pvp is. Unbalanced classes/gears as well as some skills that need to be removed or tweaked to revive 80 PvP.

Impact Shield needs to reflect current defense and not stay as the same defense prior to casting.

Ancient Hymn needs to be totally removed, or made into a self buff only.

Warriors, Guardians, Fighters & Defenders need a 20%-30% defense reduction on the base defense of their 76 and 80 sets. ( Can currently tank like they full rec without linking any)

Impact Shield, Puncture shield and Arcane Protector should have no cooldown or cast time.

Mayfly level 4 needs to be removed from the game and keep it at max Level 2 or 3 only.

Assassins & Rangers clean 80 weapons should provide at least 2700 attack power to make them effective in PvP again

Nothing is getting done to improve Shaiya PvP and balance, Giving us free Crests of deciets so 80 armors become a little bit more affordable and providing farmable 80 weapons is the only 2 good things Nexon/Aeria has done this year, but at the same time you also make chaos fragments even more rarer than before by removing rebate and you have basically removed our ability to obtain Mech Lapis 1/2/3 from the game, I suppose you will just sell it for AP.... Like pretty much everything else


Rank 0
17 Jun 2013
Louisville United States
PostedAug 24, 2013 10:11 pm
Still waiting on the 20$ of AP I was promised after a mishap with an Ultimate Game Card. But the emails at least make me feel like I'm receiving help...


Rank 1
07 Jun 2012
Focsani Romania
PostedAug 24, 2013 10:20 pm
1 From me ,Shaiya player .

1-15 pvp dead
hot acc must get removed from 1-15
ABS/hp glitch/not fixed
tikets take to long
nothing permanent, today you buy 1 item tomorow same item with more power to buy !
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