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03 Apr 2012
PostedAug 31, 2013 2:37 am

The Good Time Remember

First , We Go Beach Smile with my classmate Smile then We Play Truth or Dare ! I have lots i know with my classmate specialy the secret and they crush <3 that is Very fuuun Very Happy

Second, I baked With my own CupCake, OMG when i taste it ! yuuck Its Disgusting ...

And The Last ! I Go To My friend 18 Birthday, Time To Dance OMG the Heavy Rains Come Out !! ~.~ that is bad day



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12 Jun 2013
Jamshedpur India
PostedAug 31, 2013 8:48 pm

~Oh Summer~Bliss

My Summer was not much homework,homework,homework and stuffs like that


One fine day when my parents have daysoff we planned to go on a picnic, camping on a hilly place..that was some awesome place i was really excited.....when we reach there my excitement went ten folds.
What i saw?...I saw my long time crush who also came there camping.I have not seen her for over an year already because we moved out of the city and there have been no contact between us since then....the same excitement can be seen in her eyes too.
Later we came to know that both our parents know each other and had made this plan of camping together..then we did camp fire, barbeque and many fun things.
Later at night when all were asleep we sneeked out of our camps and sat under a tree and started talking about our school days, about how used to bunk our classes, how i was shy around girls(she didn't known it was because of her) and all the stuffs...the sky was clear,moon was bright,stars were twinkling....i thought this is the perfect setting....i hold her hands and said "I LOVE YOU"..the three magical words..its looked like the time has stopped...then as if to wake me from by daydream(although it was night lol) her lips touched in mine(my first ever kisss), a light and loving kiss..then the reply came "Silly..I Love You too,ever since i first saw you(tears)...promise me you would never leave me alone again"(bliss).i said"Never..this summer will be the witness of our love", then we hugged and time passed by...

Hope my story didn't bore you...and if there is any grammatical error for that im sry
Have a nice Day:)Smile


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16 Nov 2008
San Dimas United States
PostedAug 31, 2013 10:14 pm
The Usual Day Turns to Lake Side Times

Waking up on a usual groggy morning, about 50% humidity and a striking hot glare outside, I get out of bed slowly to drag myself to the bathroom mirror across a dirtying pathway of lined wood from my bed. The ground was not as cold as I would like it, but a temperature similar to that of a warm cup of water after leaving it out in the sun on a hot day. When my feet lifted up off the ground, I found they would stick and make a sound as they raised and settled, almost as I was bringing the humidity with me to the bathroom. Looking into the mirror I could not stand the total body feeling of being drenched in the heating atmosphere. I cleaned myself up to get off the first layer of sticky coating off of me to start my day with a refreshing shower and the feeling of coolness as I stepped out of the ironically cooler atmosphere.
My hunger was not present, but I knew I was spending my summer away aimlessly doing nothing, as for first 3/4 of the summer had wasted away as I worked on my grandma's farm in Temecula. I had yet to arrange any parties, sleep overs or hang outs with any friends as I usually had, I like silence.

At around 7 am I got a text from one of my newer friends who had recently started talking to over long range contact (I live 30 miles away from school and all of my close friends). At reading the text I thought nothing of it, maybe converse with her for a couple minutes, check the forums, eat something, then back to sleep -for I had nothing planned for the day-. As time went on maybe five minutes, she jokingly prepared herself to make the long trip over to my house. As I know that living 30 miles away from my High school is a long and hard travel, I eagerly denied her trip. She denied my denial, and wantonly insisted. I could not stop her.

The first time I had seen any friends was going to bed that day, almost a couple of days before school." Should I dress up? What should I do? I should find some pants...", I thought...

She said she would be at my house at one o'clock. What she thought would be a 30 minute drive on the freeway, ended out to be a 90 minute drenching of time through a 16 and a half year old's Hard.

I was not disappointed, as around 1:30, I thought she would never arrive. Maybe she was joking. She probably was. But, to my utter amazement, she wasn't.

at 1:31 I got a call from her saying that she had just went through Hard of a 25 mile drive on the freeway. She sounded shocked, and jostled; I could tell she was shaking. I, not being good on the phone, tried to calm her down, but she was too loud and expressionate for me to interact through mobile devices.

at 1:50 I thought she would be arriving soon and I got out of the house, releasing the even hotter air onto me. I made my way down then street in my newly put-on cut off jean shorts and white v-neck t-shirt. I called her, but she didn't pick up. I figured she was driving through town now and I was oblivious to where she was, so I started walking parallel to freeway which I could not see.

Walking down a well known path, but which should be new to her, I looked up and down the street. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. But then noticed a white car moving from a stop. It was hers.

The car stopped, and the door opened quickly. She stood and I could see her legs shaking. As I went up to her, I picked up my speed as I was about 100 feet from her car. I went up to her and hugged her pivoting body. These details are not the most important, but from that point on, we had no idea what to do. She, being driving for the unsual 1 hour and 30 minutes, was still tired. She really wanted Dr. Pepper, so we went to Denny's, where the pancakes live. I, being so smart forgot my wallet, didn't get any food, and let her drink her Dr. Pepper as she calmed down.

As things settled down, I decided it would be a good idea to go to the Lake that was only a quick drive away, but a very long walk. As we left Denny's, we got back into the car which had already heated up and we both complained about our families.

Five minutes later, we were at the Lake/Park, and parked 1/4 mile away from the lake so we didn't have to pay-to-park.

Now it was around 5:00, and somehow we had finally made it into the forceps of the park area, to begin our walk. We discussed school, her brother, and how he is a real dunce when it comes to interacting nicely. I gave her advice, and she gave me hers. A real friendly thing to do that I never really received from anyone else before. We had peaceful silences, and spiraling conversations that led onto ranting and raving.

We arrived at the lake shore under trees that towered high, and provided MUCH needed shade, as we were both sweaty and tired.

I told her I appreciated her, enjoyed her company, and that I enjoyed her presence even among the silence. I gave her the new expression I concocted in my head, "The silence we make is as enjoyable as the noise". To me, that sounded smooth at the time, but now, thinking back to it, it sounds like it could be double-back-handed in a bad kind of way. It worked though, and we watched the lake twist and move throughout its containing man-made body away from most cars and population.

The night came quick, and our conversations were soon over.
The sky turned red, and a new close-friendship turned abruptly in a soft way.
The air was now calm and soothing, the wind was not as hot as it was in the morning. Our bodies now moving back to her car were not trembling, but both of us in bliss.

The night ended calmly when I got back home, and she ventured back on her cleared up night journey back into town.

I really appreciate her coming out all the way to hang out with me, as she did another day to make pies (neither of us knew how to), and created a whole nother memory.

What had started a slow and terrifyingly hot morning, left with a memorable and lovely night with a friend.

TL;DR - wake up, pretty girl texts me, lake side talks, home

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