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03 Apr 2013
Trinidad and Tobago
PostedJul 09, 2013 5:08 pm

Avatar Collection

It is just a collection of avatars, freely usable, i have created using screenshots of the game. While i am aware of the rating of this game, the point of an avatar is to be viewable, so i've tried hard they remain PG13 at all costs I hope you like them, and... that they are useful... ^^U

And finally, if you like the frame, here you are! Smile



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19 Mar 2013
PostedJul 09, 2013 6:10 pm
Is it sad that I can name every character I can see here? But regardless, I'm going to name them for the sake of convenience for others. From left to right and then row by row.

1. Erin from Batrachia
2. Turnpike mission control
3. Arril Lavigne
4. Barbi the Cosmetologist / Julia the useless pet chip synth
5. Gloria in illust form
6. Gloria in how she usually appears
7. Hamal from his camp
8. Idel of Enocia base
9. Jeanne the first born
10. Laura the transport control
11. Lucia the medic senior
12. Yama the City Destroyer
13. Miriam -unused character-
14. Nali the lackluster (from Mereholt)
15. Mereholt Infant
16. Nayan the white
17. Commander First Class Nyx
18. Pamela the synth tech
19. Ponnestratia, or Pon for short
20. Lota / MOTHER
21. Shadow Army Trooper
22. Stalker bot
23. Generic male shadow
24. Yuna the black
25. Beatrice the conscious AI
26. Feral bloodcats
27. Buzzard Lieutenant
28. Cheryl the merchant
29. Cheynne the Distribution Manager / Warden in Caergate
30. Morose Construct
31. Cabal factory guard
32. Cabal Priestess
33. Generic dude
34. Deployment Kit
35. Batrachian Researcher
36. Erin in how she appears in game.

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