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07 May 2012
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PostedJul 09, 2013 12:38 pm

Sustinere Nam Omnes is Recruiting

Guild recruiting
Hey all my name is Elerin and I am officer of Sustinere Nam Omnes better know as SNO!

We are currently recruiting new and experienced players to shaiya Phoenix and would love to show you what we do. before applying in game we do ask that you sign up on our forum site and then apply within game.

This guilds purpose is to help those who need helping through out all of shaiya be it a new player or experienced we help, we also are active in forming events for the guildies or general public.

But most of all we are family we care about each other like no ones business here and we treat you with respect.

So if this sounds like a guild you'd like to join fill out our application on our forum site then message me or any other officer on and we will quickly respond ^_^

Happy Guild Hunting and may you find one that suits you!

Elerin Out.


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05 Jun 2013
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PostedJul 21, 2013 1:50 am

A little more detail is in order

Little bit more about SNO
I know Jonnyjon made many of this apparent in his pitch, but I would like to expand on it a bit, if you will please bear with me.

Sustinere Nam Omnes (SNO) is a guild that strives to become the beacon of hope for those in Shaiya who have lost the desire to play. We are a guild that is about giving back to Shaiya everything we take, be it in events, fun times, or just making things more lively. We try our hardest to help out everyone, regardless of if they are in the guild or not.

With that being said, there are some things I feel should be mentioned:


  • A guild all about helping others in Shaiya.
  • A guild where we strive to create that feeling of family. We are not a business guild, but we truly try to make everyone feel welcome here.
  • A guild where you can be yourself. As you can probably gather from the previous statement, we don't judge anyone. If you just downloaded Phoenix and are learning the ropes, or if you have been out since EP 4 (If you know what that is, you were probably there), we do our best to help you out.


  • A powerleveling service
  • A guild tolerable of beggars
  • A guild of scammers

Any of these things can and will get you placed on Discipline action, an idea that was pioneered by Elerin (and one that I haven't heard of in any other guild) where you get the chance to explain yourself to the Officers of the guild and they determine your fate at that time.

Any of this sound like a guild you would want to be part of? Then check out our forum site page to see what it's like there, and please take the time to read the expanded rules on there. The Officers took the time to write them, we would appreciate it if they were followed. Still want to join, then feel free to fill out our application on the site. All members must fill out the application before their toons will be accepted into the guild in game.

Forum site for SNO:
Application Direct link:

When the application is filled out, an officer reviewing it will attempt to meet you in game to schedule a short interview, where we will ask a few quick questions of you, just to get the general feel of what you're like as a player. After that, you will have done everything you had to. It will be up to the officer to accept your application.

Have any more questions? Feel free to PM me or Jonnyjon and we will be sure to answer them. Thank you for reading this rather long thread. I truly appreciate it.
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