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PostedJul 01, 2013 10:04 am

Feeback FAQ

There are many questions that are asked regularly. This will help address some of these:

Q: How come I gave feedback, and nothing changed?
A: We have these polls, and ask for feedback, so that people can tell us how they feel about what DID happen in the last 30 days. With this we can measure the responce to the changes that were made. These feedback polls do not initiate change, they measure it.

Q: I gave a low/high rating. Why didnt you listen to my feedback?
A: Each month we look for CHANGES in the ratings. We then look for the feedback that represented those changes.

Q: I have given feedback about a problem, but it has never been fixed.
A: Customers get to choose what 'service' means to them. However, this does not always mean that it is a service that we provide. Often the best service that we can offer, is to clearly state that we do not offer the service requested.

Q: What causes high/low ratings?
A: Traditionally, the highest ratings are generated by adding a new game (more service), and the lowest ratings are from closing a game (less service).

Q: Why dont you have polls for each game?
A: We do. The forum is treated as a game/product.
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