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23 Jul 2012
PostedJun 30, 2013 6:46 pm

error code:0 when i try to buy ap via

steam help me !!!
well 29 hours ago i bought 25 $ wallet on my steam acc linked to my ava account so i could buy ap in game well i keep trying and trying and this @#$@#$ dont work... i press add ap in game and it open a windows where it says 5=500 ap 10=1000ap 25=2.500ap 50=5000ap 100=10000ap and i press buy 25$ and a windows pop up saying the transaction failed due to unknown error code:0 ..... i keep trying and nothing happend still getting that error so i tried addind 5 by 5 and says the same i try anythign adn keep getting that sht message i have waiting 29hours and am tired so now am asking for help please !!!!!
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