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17 Oct 2011
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PostedJun 28, 2013 4:48 pm   Last edited by GMLeo on Jul 16, 2013 3:37 pm. Edited 2 times in total

[ENDED] Space Pirate Saga Fanfic Contest!

lorddarthmel has won with a substantial lead! Thank you to all authors for participating!


We recently posted the two leading characters in the Space Pirate Saga - bitter rivals Captain No-Beard and Jill Robin! Now, we want to hear how YOU would tell the story!  


To participate, simply write a short story about how the two pirates came to fame! You can write origin stories, talk about how they met, how they became rivals, or tell tales of their adventures prior to visiting Chromia!

You can find the main story of the Space Pirate Saga in this thread!  


Start: June 28, 2013
End: 11:59PM PST on July 5, 2013  


All participants - Forum Profile Badge (Still in the works)

FIVE Finalists selected by GM Team - 2 Crimson Stardust Gem AND 1 Emerald Stardust Gem

GRAND PRIZE - At the conclusion of the event, we will make a poll with the five finalists. The community will vote and the fan favorite will receive a Unique Laser Scanner!  


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23 Apr 2008
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PostedJun 28, 2013 5:57 pm

Small story

We start our journy in the small town of Kakaresh,
With 2 young girls named Damina and Roxanna.
Both kids grew up to be promising wariors, one mastering the art of the 2handed sword, and the other mastering the art of the dual guns.
One day when the training academy's where closing the boy and the girl crossed eachother paths.
The girl Damina master is de art of the sword now, was pissed caused she almost fell cause of Roxanna. The girl Roxanna who is mastered in the art of the dual guns Wanted to apologize for what happened. So she walked towards Damina to say:"im sorry".
But without a second thought Damina wents for her sword!
Roxanna however stayed calm, and didnt say a word....
suddenly Damina shouts: "Draw your weapon or i will kill you without a second thought!"
Yet Roxanna stayed silent.
And again no reply from roxanna.
Now Damina was sick of it and went for it...
The ever silenced girl quickly draws her guns and shoots at Damina's blade, disarming her.
She finally opens her mouth and says: "You swordsmen are all the same, when you think you have a big tool, you think you are the best and strongest around, while my two guns they dont talk, they give action".
And she walked away...
Damina still amazed asking herself:"how could this happen? How could i have been beaten by some stupid girl who is too clumsy to walk but can shoot dual guns?"
Determined to get back at Roxanna for her defeat, she went on a search for Roxanna and get her revenge!
After several of months of searching she finds out the dual guns wielding guns girl has become a captain of the intergalactic pirate ship the S.S. Paradise and she was livin under the name of Jill robin.
So Damina decides to become a soldier in the royal army of the king.
She went to the palace to apply for the job, and the king was more then pleased to finally have someone with experience in the art of the 2 handed sword to apply to an office as captain. And he granted Daryll a ship. Not knowing that Damina had his own plans of revenge on roxanna, now called Jill Robin.
So after Damina got her very own ship she changed her name in pirate no-beard. Which she found matching cause she hated men with beards!

After several years out in space she gains some information on where captain Jill robin is located and where she is headed. Towards Chromia to find a very special treasure. So she set full hyperdrive ahead towards Chromia.
In the meantime Damina, captain no-beard contacts the Free Knights and offer them a sum of money which they cant refuse to help her find this treasure and capture it before captain Jill Robin does.
And captain Jill Robin contacts the royal guard for help in her search for this treasure, and convinces them that she is a captain of the royal king's army.

What will happen next?
Who will find this treasure?
Will pirate No-beard get her revenge on Jill Robin or will Jill Robin beat him again?

It all depends on us! The players and determined fighter of chromia to fill in the rest of the story!


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23 Jun 2013
PostedJun 29, 2013 8:28 am
Já Anne Bonny nasceu dos amores proibidos entre seu pai, um advogado, e uma camareira da cidade de Country Cork, Inglaterra. Quando a mulher – que havia se retirado aos campos para reestabelecer sua frágil saúde – voltou de sua viagem, soube da infidelidade do marido e pediu divórcio. Na tentativa de atraí-la de volta, o advogado vestiu Anne alguns anos depois de homem, alegando que o garoto era filho legítimo deles. É claro que ela não acreditou na farça, e conseguiu caçar a licença de advogado do ex-marido, motivo pelo qual ele mudou-se para Carolina, em busca de emprego. Bem sucedido como agricultor, criou Anne – uma menina rebelde – próxima ao meio marítimo. Algumas versões de sua biografia falam que aos 13 anos, Anne já se dedicada a promiscuidade e crimes de todo tipo, inclusive assassinando a amante do pai, a facadas. Já crescida, Anne retornou um belo dia anunciando que havia se casado, retirando-se em seguida para Nueva Providence, onde abriram um bar frequentado por marinheiros. Foi na forma de um de seus fregueses, aos 18 anos, que Anne conheceu Calico Jack, tornando-se seu amante. Neste momento, assume sua vestimenta masculina, conseguindo desta forma ingressar no barco dos piratas de Jack, uma vez que o juramento dos piratas não permitia mulheres a bordo.
Lançando-se ao mar em busca de riquezas e aventuras, Anne participa pela primeira vez de um assalto a um bergantim. Armada de sabres e pistolas, surpreende o vigia durante uma noite chuvosa, cortando a amarra do navio. Graças a sua perícia, logo cai nas graças de toda tripulação.


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03 Apr 2013
Trinidad and Tobago
PostedJun 30, 2013 5:02 am
That wasn't a good day... not at least to be trapped inside a Royal Space Marines jail. The rusty installations just made it harder for any energy blast to pierce through the thick walls, but there was still a small window with a weak energy field. It was dark outside, though it wasn't in the middle of an asteroid but a planet with breathable atmosphere, lucky enough, so even if the cell fell appart, she wouldn't suffer a horrid space death. The interrogatory had started, and judging the pimp she had in front, probably it wouldn't be really hard for her to just seduce him, and escape, but... she still had to exit that place... She hoped Lady Fortune was nice to her now...

-So, you wanna know? why are you so anxious to know... ? And what am i going to win in return?... Heh... you are going to throw me direct to a black hole inside a pressure suit when i tell you, Why should I?

-Just tell me what we need to know to find the stolen cargo- said the guard.

The woman stared at him for a while, and chuckled. -Get a bit closer and i am telling you everything...

The guard didn't move an inch. -Oh, come on, don't you just trust me?...what can i do? i have no sword, no guns... fine, you will never find the relics- she moved closer to the energy bars that served to keep her trapped and leaned a bit forward trying to fool the attention of the guard with her geneours shape, but it seemed not to work, as he didn't react to her insinuations.

-Where are those crates?- replied the guard back. -Look, that is all what we want to know... Or the others will come, and won't be that nice...

-Oh... and What is what you want for yourself?... - she said. -They aren't dealing with pirates, and the good and bad guard game is just so old for me.

-You really aren't interested in that, and i am the one who makes the questions here. The relics?...

-Move, soldier Roberts... it is my turn.- said another guard, much bigger and thicker than Roberts.

-Bobby, huh?... hmm... bye bye- she then winked an eye and waved him good bye, sending a kiss -You, scum, get away from the bars- said the new guard.

-Oh! No need to be so rude... hmm... I will kill you first when i get out of here...-

The only problem was how... Time passed. But the only way she'd return her ship would be that the ship made it actualy to where she was. Then, she turned, and stared outside through the window, slowly, a smile formed in her mouth, at the sight she had just had. -Milady Luck curse you bastards...- She then got closer to the bars, and spoke to the guard. -Hey you, big boy... wanna do an agreement?...- But the big guy didn't reply. -I offer your life in exchange of you working for me, what do you say? i am short on muscles... just get a bit closer, okay?...-

-Get lost in a black hole- said the guard, and stood where he was.

-Hmm... At least i tried- She just moved away from where the big man was, and suddenly a really powerful explosion shook the place, making the window a whole lot bigger, and a big energy ball impacted directly on big boy's head, decapitating him, and making a hole big like a head behind in the wall, though it was solid rock too, so it didn't get much further. The energy bars that prevented her from escaping then disappeared.

-Protonic ammonition... my fave- She stared at the big boy's dead body -Eeeugh. Disgusting... I told you...At least i didn't have to kill you myself...- Then, she went to the big hole the window was now, but it was just too high for her to escape through there. -Great, My favourite. A base raid... If things go as they have to, first...- she put a hand behind her ear, to hear better, the alarm triggered, and started to sound through all the base. High energy cannons started to fire, and return fire could be heard.

-Fireworks! I hope Milady Luck shields are fully charged- She took the saber and the gun the dead guard had, and went to the door, but it suddenly opened and the thin guard appeared, she aimed at him, and he did otherwise -Stop where you are Bobby... put down your gun, or else...-

-Don't shoot, don't shoot... Look i am out of here... I am not one of them anymore-

-Your point?- She didn't move her weapon at all, and kept aiming his head.

-This is madness... I... I didn't enroll the corps for this... I tried to be reasonable with them, but they didn't hear. I am just a poor soul in space. No one will... mourn my death And taking care of Pirates wasn't my dream, i wanted to fight in the Front of the Central systems, not to be destined here in the outer rim. Just let me get down in the first space station you reach-

His eyes seemed sincere. -You sure?... i be telling you something, you be doing something funny, i be finishing you off. Savvy? He nodded.

-Okay, then, come on... I have an idea...- She lowered her gun, after he did, and put her hands behind, so Bob would simulate that she is being transported to another, safer, place.

-Do i make you nervous, boy?... I hope that is not your gun...- she said while they were walking. -Just relax, and everything would be smooth... But you will have to make the talking, so DON'T do anything reckless- They then made it to a group of guards.

-She is going to be transferred. Security procedures.- Said Bob.

-Yeah, you hear the pimp... You will never get me alive!-

The highest rank guard then got up from his chair, a big man in uniform, with a thick moustache. -Shut up rat. Roberts, this is a no no. Pirates do not prepare rescue missions, hence, leaving her in her prison is the best you can do. You want to get out of here, don't you? Play nice, and it will be short. Probably those idiots outside have found she is here, and just want to kill her to claim her death. But they are going down too. -He seemed sure, even if the building trembled with each impact from the ship.

-No, i can tell you, those are my men. They are coming. And they will kick you to the moons of Ariadne.- she chuckled, selfconfident.

She suddenly aimed the gun she had stolen to the unprepared guard with the moustache, and killed him in one shot, and the others charged at her. Bob, on his side, shot at one of his former comrades, wounding his leg, and went to the door they had to open to escape. The pirate took the sword she also stole, and cut deep beneath the belly of another guard, while she spun, and kicked a third guard, disabling him to attack. She then, took him from behind, and cut his throat. The wounded man on the ground complained hurt, but she put an end to his suffering when she noticed the gun's energy was already reloaded, and discharged a blast to his head. When everything seemed settled, she went to the door, and spoke to the, now, traitor-When they find you have helped me, you won't be able to fight your battles in the Front anymore... Join me, or i will have to hurt you. There are no witnesses, so, it is your call.

-Just get me out of here- He said.

-Okay... - They soon got surrounded by the crew of the Milady Luck.

-Everything is under control, Captain- Said Kurtz, a man dressed in an outdated and jagged military uniform, first mate of the Milady Luck. -Returning you the ship-

-Well done Mister Kurtz.-

-We better hurry captain, those loons will come here fast.- recommended Kurtz

-Fine! Everybody! let's get the heck out of here!, look alive, come on!

-Aye Captain!- All the pirates yelled together, and made it back to the ship without much more incidents. Once on board, and sailing the endless darkness, she interrogated the new recruit in her cabin, a wide room finely decorated. -So, what are your skills, Mr. Roberts?-

-I am good gunner and helmsman... my captain-

-Uh Huh... it seems just what i need... i had to send my old helmsman to the endless void of the space because he tried to oversmart me, are you smarter than me?, mr. Roberts?-

-No, my captain- replied back.

-Good... - The answer seemed to please her -Mister Kurtz, come to my cabin, immediately. Pick up the pimp, and show him his new station on the helm.-

Kurtz came, and while they were walking to the command bridge, spoke in low voice -My captain, mistress... this is a worst idea. This has been smelling bad since we got him out of that prison!-

-Relax Kurtz... i think our new recruit will be just what we are looking for... But if you feel better, ready your guns- She then, poked her gun, switching the safety. Once in the bridge, Roberts sat on the helmsman chair. -Which course, my captain?-

-Hmm... Set route to Sun 3... it is a life supporting planet. The natives there called their star "Sun".-

-My captain... that is Titan's territory. they tried to claim it one hundred local orbits ago, in the time of that planet!-

-Only to be kicked out into oblivion... Now it is nobody's planet just inhabitated by aquatic creatures, judging the amount of water the planet has... and i plan on claiming it. Roberts, Did you question your superiors orders then? SET COURSE THERE -Kurtz was just getting more and more nervous, but Roberts then, manipulated the control panel in front of him, and announced the ship's course was set. "Sun 3"... Is it there where the titan's relics are?... - She had just moved to where Roberts was to check the route was correctly set. -That is none of your interest now, mr Roberts.

Then, Roberts quickly grabbed the captain's gun, and aimed at her, while an acute voice started to sound on the bridge speakers. -Haaa ha ha ha aha ha... You are losing your touch there...-

The captain knew exactly whose horrid voice was that. -On screen...- Another young looking pirate appeared there -It had to be you, now pieces all fall in place- she said.

-I am sorry, my "captain". "Sun 3" is our destination now!- he screamed so the new intruder could know exactly where they were leading-Thank you very much, Roberts, that is just what i needed to know, the relics are ALL MINE MWAHAHAHAHA- The young pirate then disconnected

-I have lost Roberts, go ahead, finish your job... pull the trigger- she raised her arms. All the crew was already aiming at Roberts. Roberts then tried to activate the gun, but this didn't make any sound, no energy explosion, nothing came out of it. Roberts, seeing this, cursed his luck -Heh... i knew this was going just too well...- The captain picked up her gun, and Roberts surrended.

-Nobody shots him!- she ordered then -Indeed, it was being just too good. But i thought it would be quite humiliating to be killed by my own gun, don't you think? Kurtz! a presure suit for this rubbish dog-

-Captain!... are we losing a suit just for this scum?...-

-He has proven his worth, he deserves our respects after all- When Roberts was inside the suit, he was placed inside an airlock, and a radio voice reached his ears -You have vital resources for a single day. If Lady Luck is on your side, we may meet again. I am not going to allow anyone to say i am not mercyful. Your last words, Roberts?-

-I didn't lie then when i said i just wanted to fight in the great wars of the Central Systems. I regret nothing-

-Most Noble words...- said the captain. Then Kurtz pressed the outer airlock control, and Roberts was sucked immediately outside the ship.

-One trouble less... and thanks to the late Roberts, i know where the small rat is going. Kurtz, set the engines... i have a some small lungs to rip apart...-

-Aye captain...- said Kurtz, and so, the ship lead to Sun 3. What would happen then?... Only time would tell...


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PostedJul 02, 2013 12:09 pm

Legend of Arkana

And on the fly we begin the story with the purpose, or purpose itself rather, these two were destined to collide, for once they traced their linage they began to fight for fame, and the honor of the pirate names. No-Beard being a direct descendant of Cpt. Edward Teach, and Jill Robin being a direct descendant of Baba Aruj Barbarossa.

They grew up mischievous but never alone, they always seemed to be able to rally a group of misfits to aid them in their shenanigans. They began as friends initially, often meeting at the local club getting drunk off their rumps and getting thrown out together. Tho they never met in the field durring their personal jobs they never let the time between meeting bend their friendship. During the Al Kasava wars, they were completely outnumbered but with only a few pots between them and at this point near the end the flags were tied. The commanding officer had lead a strike team to take down the enemy flag holder as soon as they got notice it was obtained but these 2 knew it was a trap. How did they know you ask? Because they were on opposite sides of the field. They had purposely been passing each other by and not fighting because they were such good friends. That commanding officer saw Jill let No-Beard go and they cast her out at the end of the war. Jill switched side to be with her friend and they both left PVP to seek treasure.

Everything was going fine until they came across a <Unique Troll Mech>, They argued over who would gain possession of it each making their case of why they deserved it more than the other. They decided it wasnt worth ending their friendship so they both left and turned in at the nearest hotel for the night. That night No-Beard heard someone leave the hotel, so she peered out the window and saw Jill ride away on her bike. She assumed the worse. She quickly ran down and gave chase but kept her distance so she could see for sure what Jill was up to. No-Beard saw where Jill was going, she was heading for the Troll Mech. At first she just figured "Its fine, we're best friends, i like looking at it too, its no big deal" But then there was a flash. She looked up, Jill... and the Troll Mech had vanished. Then just as suddenly from the direction of the town, there was a massive explosion! Jill had done the unthinkable.

She rushed back to town to stop it from going to far. She and found Jill in the mech and stood in front of her. "JILL! STOP THIS!" she screamed and jill replied "Why?! Ever since i changed sides for you your people have done NOTHING but treat me like CRAP! I've done nothing but bring treasure for these people, they eat well because of ME! they thank me with ugly looks and backstabbing! NO! i will not stop until they feel the pain they made me suffer..." Jill shut the mech and began to charge its Ulti. No-Beard knew there was nothing that could be done to fight it, so she passed out Enocia transmitters to the people and they all teleported before the attack flattened the town. Jill returned to the RG and told them of her triumph, they accepted her back and gave here whatever she needed to beat the Free Knights when it came to collecting Legendary objects of war. For a long time it seemed there was no stopping her, until No-Beards old crew came together and told her "We may not be able to beat her right now, but if we can get to the treasures FIRST we may be able to build up enough of a fighting force to match or even OUTmatch her. So her crew went into the town and campaigned for her, give her what you can we will stop this RG onslaught, we WILL fight back! And as time went by they did match, and they clashed. The back and forth was enough to shake the very stars. They even began to breed super disciples, like Tugre and Impure, OG, and Alert, Titans beneath the gods that trained them, every war getting more and more fierce all to see who would collect.... the most booty >Smile

The end POW!~


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24 Nov 2006
On the planet consumed by greed. United States
PostedJul 05, 2013 8:09 pm
Finally finished this, but I find it sad to see so few entries.

Regardless, as a precaution, I suppose I'm not sticking to the cannon type of story this would go under, so I'll elaborate on a few details for those interested. It is assumed that No Beard and Jill Robin are not Arkana, and are from another planet. Thus, this allows me to play with outside logic that differs from the traditional Scarlet Blade story (after all, these are guests to the area, it can be reasonable assumed they don't care for the story of Chromia or it's people and simply want gold and to kill each other).

Without further ado:
There is a tale among tale between two space pirates that has echoed in the galaxy. It comes off Captain No Beard--a short in stature, but fierce in her antics woman--and Captain Jill Robin--a tall woman known primarily for her brutal slash-and-burn type attacks on planets. To understand the story, however, we must delve into the back story of these two women.

Captain No Beard was born on the planet Burata; one of the most notorious planets for pirating and ruthlessness. The planet is nearly entirely covered in water, so, like the pirates of tales old, most had their ships specifically tailored for traveling over water to save fuel. No Beard herself was born in the family of an once famous pirate whose name has since been lost to history. At the young age of 13, her father and crew went off to a planet in the near distance, but they were captured and killed by the nobles on that planet. Vowing to avenge her father's death, No Beard found a crew and attacked the nobles. No Beard eventually managed to capture and kill the noble family. It is said that the young daughter of family was able to escape No Beard's wrath. No Beard, eventually finding out this fact, swore to plunder and ravage any and all planets in search for the young woman.

Captain Jill Robin's story differs greatly from No Beard's. Jill Robin was born into a noble family on the planet Lencia V. Lencia V was much more technologically advanced than Burata, for one, and the main continent covered, entrenched with large mountains, used flying ship over the traditional water-operated ones. As fate would have it, No Beard's father, the one captured by the nobles, was never actually killed by them. He was imprisoned. After No Beard attacked the planet, her father escaped and captured Jill Robin and left the planet with her. The daughter was then held hostage on the ship for several years until she finally over-threw No Beard's father and acquired the title of commander of the ship. Jill Robin quickly returned to Lencia V, but found that her entire planet was destroyed. In a fit of rage, Jill Robin used the ship to invade and conquer any and all planets to learn about her family's killer.

More years passed since the "birth" of these two pirates, and not only did their hatred for each other grow, but also their greed for gold. On several occasions the two women have been on the same planet at the same time where generally they would each align with an opposite feuding faction on that planet. However, most of those planets were destroyed in the battle between these two pirates.
Now, as if destiny were to have it, both are plotted to our home--Chromia--and nothing can stop them from taking what they want most...  


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17 Oct 2011
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PostedJul 06, 2013 4:52 pm
Alrighty! We have exactly FIVE entries, so everyone who submitted a story will receive my Forum Badge for participating as well as the Finalists prize of Stardust Gems!

I've added the poll, so now it's up to the community to vote on who they think should win! Best of luck to all participants!

New siggy to come soon!
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