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23 Jul 2012
pensacola United States
PostedJun 21, 2013 9:05 am

my bands on tour chek us out

hey guys my band is on tour right now and we are going across 20 states playing music for are fans and i wanted to come here to my friends to tell all of you about some really good music like us on and add us follow us and come hang with us all the tour dates are as showen on are FaceBook page so come out and meet the band this is a tour through the USA so if your close to the city we are playing in come out or if you would like to see us in your town hit are facebook page up and all so if you have any lil bit of change or any thing we also are taking donations to help us with gas thought out the tour and eating cause we all no food and gas is not cheep so chek us out and try and help if you can

BTW if you like all time low or A day to remember then you will love Scream Out Loud

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