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01 Dec 2012
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PostedJun 18, 2013 8:09 pm
jinxfaddal wrote:
thx for the hint ! =)
i tested it again in duels/caergate. with ME, DE, SW and WH

summary: with 0 resistance and 0 pvp-def/-void, chakra-atk against me (and others) is reduced, too. the dmg-gap is around 1/4 of the one it should be =/

it was told to me, void also reduces chakra dmg, but that dont makes sense to me. resistances would be useless thereby. "normal" def and void is for physical dmg part, if i dont have a error in reasoning.  

I ran through the damage formulas...and I think Defense/PvP-Defense/Void are NOT only for physical damage or they are bugged out because they are hitting all 3 of them to reach the OP level of reduction.

When I added in Defense/PvP-Defense and Void, you can experience up to 85% reduction in chakra-attack damage per hit.
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