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12 Jun 2013
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PostedJun 15, 2013 4:45 pm

Easy & Fast Experience!


I would like to share something I found out with the community. I am not sure if it's been posted about before but my friend told me about it and I haven't found many channels with these rooms open.

1.) Go into any channel you want(Doesn't matter which)

2.) Create a room, You want to create a "Prison Break - Rescue - Easy(Set the max players from 5 to 1)

3.) Start the game

4.) Make you're way to the upstairs where the power supply is(You will want to camp at this area)

The guys will keep respawning, You want to keep killing.

Each guys gives 1 Experience. Some times they give more, I am not totally sure what the mechanics are for that.

I did this as Pointman, with a PPSH. I easily one shot every guy. I was able to kill a total of 587 guys in 6 minutes. I then let them kill me to test out what my friend said to see how much Experience I would earn. He was telling the truth. I earned a little over 700 Experience.

Now this may be useless to the higher ranks because you already got you're guns and stuff but for the new players or low ranks looking to get higher rank fast to get the guns they want I see this helpful. At this time for this post I am Staff Sergeant 3. I plan on doing this the rest of the day until I reach Sergeant First Class 1.

I didn't pay attention to the amount of Euro or Supply it gives. On my next run I will check and report back.



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06 Jan 2012
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PostedJun 16, 2013 4:53 pm
Hello Neobestx,
Great guide for new players, but actually this method does take some time and it does give you ALOT of EXP (Max is 999, without boosters). However, there are other methods that actually are better than this method. I.E. Annihilation, BG: Extreme, AI pyramid, etc.
Great guide nonetheless.

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