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[Guide] Al Kasava Battleground

Al Kasava PvP Battleground:
    Maximum Capacity: 150v150
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Objectives: Capture 4 flags and return them to your faction's base.
    Conditions: After 60 minutes, the team holding the most flags wins. In the case of a tie, the team with the lower combined level count wins. If the combined level counts are identical, the team with the higher head-count wins.

    Every Saturday at 12:00pm PDT.
    You can begin entering the Battleground via Portal at 11:55pm PDT.
    The Portal to enter will close at 12:40pm PDT.

How to Enter:
    Travel to the Neutral Settlement located in Viledone (lvl 30+).
    Portals will appear for each faction at the end of the Hauler tank escort quest.
    Click the bottom tip of the portal to enter (when you hover over this area with your mouse, your icon will change into a swirl).

    RG Portal Coordinates: 11086,12074
    Free Knights Portal Coordinates: 9973,12069

Obtaining Flags:
    Flags can drop from Turrets, Vanguard Bosses, and the primary zone boss, Urka.
    There can be a total of 7 active flags on the field at once.
    Urka spawns in the center of the map after 30 minutes has passed.

    Once a flag drops, you must stand close to it and manually click it to pick it up or use auto pick-up.
    Once a flag has been picked up, the player carrying the flag will be signified by a white totem light and flag icon on the map.

    The flag carrier must safely return to their faction's base and capture it by going up to one of their empty Flag Towers and clicking it.
    If a flag carrier is killed prior to capturing, the flag will fall to the ground and any faction can pick it up.

    Once a flag has been captured the opposing team can come steal it so be sure to defend your Flag Towers.

    During the Al Kasava battle, various items can drop from enemy NPCs and units such as unique mechs, unique accessories, gold, cyberclusters, Golden Cruisers, and a wide variety of misc items.

    Capturing a flag will reward the Battle Incarnate buff which adds +500 Crit Rate and +500 Crit-Atk.
    This buff gives a physical appearance of wings and lasts 4 days.

    Winning the Battleground will reward all players of the winning faction (even if they do not attend the Battleground) the Battlefield Blessing buff that adds +15 Defense and +100 Void.
    This buff last 4 days.

    Winning the Battleground will reward the participants of the winning faction 312,000 EXP and an Al Kasava Victory Reward Pack.


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PostedJun 14, 2013 4:42 pm
"Mhysa! Mhysa! Mhysa!"


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PostedJun 14, 2013 5:46 pm
Not fair! Why would you want to put it in a time where it's sleeping time for Asians?? 3 AM!


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Al Kasava Battleground

Fair Quality time :P
That's about 2:30 am here in the philippines... I believe this is a game for adults... And as an adult I have to spend family time for my wife and kids the following day (Sunday) so i have to sleep early. Please do change the time so that i could spend quality time too for my beloved faction as a Royal Guard at Al Kasava. Thanks! Wink
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