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[Paid Out] Crystal Saga Scavenger Hunt

Find all of the items!

It’s time for a Crystal Saga Scavenger Hunt! Find the items using the clues and get rewarded with some nice prizes!

  • Using the picture clues below, locate and kill the mob that drops items pictured. Record which mob dropped each item and where they were located on the map. (Ex: Rock Puppet, Falling Stars Bluff)

  • Once you have located the items, completely and accurately fill out the form provided HERE

  • Make sure that the all of the information matches what you have recorded, as you only get to enter once. Also remember – spelling counts!

  • Some items are dropped by 2 or more different mobs. Using any of the correct mob names will be a correct answer – you don’t have to list all of the mobs that drop the item. Also, some of the mobs drop more than one of the items pictured.

  • All items can be found within Twilight Plains & Celestial Peaks, so it is low-level player friendly!

Start: 3PM PDT on July 11th, 2013
End: 3PM PDT on July 18th, 2013

Click here to see what time it is in PDT.

5 Correct Answers: Heroic Wings x4, Dungeon Key x1, & Red Dragon Coin x1

10 Correct Answers: Ethereal Wings x4, Black Dragon Coin x1, & Teeka Egg x2

All 15 Correct: Ethereal Wings x5, Morph Crystal x3, Fire Lord Egg x1 & Greater Mount Upgrade Token x2

Participation Reward: Health Orb x2 & Mana Orb x2

  • You may ONLY enter for one server.
  • You may NOT use multiple accounts OR characters to participate.
  • Entries must be submitted before the deadline specified - sorry, no exceptions.
  • No cheating allowed.
  • Your first entry is also your last. If you send any others they will NOT count.
  • All content must be PG-13.
  • Please make sure to include the server in front of your name (ex: (S1)acelina) or you will NOT get your prizes!
  • Please allow a minimum of 4-7 business days for payout of your prizes.
  • Not following any rule may disqualify your entry.
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