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30 Mar 2012
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[Guild] LOquence

Under Construction
LOquence: Building Infrastructure

The guild will chiefly be about enjoying every aspect behind LO. I hope to create a guild that goes beyond regular guilds in how close it brings people together. I'd say this was a social guild, but this would be a lie as what I hope to create requires a bit more than casual gaming and slightly more involvement than simple talking. That being said, hopefully there will be a good deal of fun conversation in guild chat.

I hope to create several "unions" as (Passion Guild puts it) including crafting and pvp. It may possibly include selling guild goods and dungeon running as well. There will likely be a branch entirely dedicated to providing new players information and support in difficult quests. Simply completing quests for those helped will not be allowed, but they will step in if the battle is going very poorly. Hopefully there will be an event branch as well.

Guildmaster: KurysFlame
Guild Officers: So far the only officer I got is a person who will be my in game "companion" and doesn't often take to the forums.
Forums: Under construction.
Other: I hope to create a facebook page and raidcall.

As a side note, ranks in this guild are not mere status symbols. Each rank will have duties, from the introduction rank and its job of proving oneself to the Conductor himself charged with keeping the guild functioning and advancing.
Whisper: The starting rank. Here your commitment will be judged. At the start of the game it may be fairly easy to move up from this rank, but as the guild progresses and has more to offer, it will be more important to guarantee integrity.
Songster: Fully initiated member of LOquence. Songsters are expected to be loyal and productive. At this rank will have more influence in any polls. Whispers have some influence but mainly as a tie cutter. (Example: 5 songsters and above vs. 2 of the same and 8 Whispers, the first wins.)
Conductor: Conductors carry on their duties as songsters as well as being in a management position. They are to keep the guild running, especially in their particular branch.
Composer: The guild leader. Has the job of acting on major decisions, maintaining the guild inside and outside game, and Conductor duties.


  • Play the game.
  • Keep it friendly. While a little immaturity is fine, excessive swearing/bullying will lead to expulsion.
  • Talk occasionally. You don't have to be a chatter box, but let us know you're alive. Don't just pin on the guild name and continue to play solo.

"He gave me a severe look over his spectacles and said, as if he thought the words were deadly venom and might kill me, 'You are an untidy person.'" -Jim Butcher A Short Story
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