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11 Feb 2012
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PostedMay 23, 2013 3:58 am

For laughs.

what would you do if.
like post what kind of enemies you wouldn't want to go up against and why XD. so if you ever go against them you can go "well.... crap O.O" and laugh about it or be in too much shock to say anything but ...

I'll start. XD But before i do. I need to say this. This is the nightmare for the current version. Meaning it would be more horrid in dd2.

2 shiva bracelet+5 at 80 53 80 53 (+10 harm when two shiva bracelets are equipped)
2 hyperion rings+5 at 90 90 90 90 (+ 500hp when two hyperion rings are equipped)
1 wedding ring+5 107 53 53 53
*Ares guard +58%
lv 55 offense, defense, agility, luck, health. (boost for lv55 cultivation is 605, health is like 800ish)
**Muramasa gold casted = 777 harm
gold cast on hat and outfit +4k hp and 40 armor
all level 30 cards counting major, +250 avg. stat everything (about 50 stat bonus per card when it lv30s. not counting the lowest tier cards)

all +50 synthesis (rounds to 450 since we only have 9 gears we can syn atm)

4 slv4 attack, 5 slv4 fate, 2 slv4 quick, 3 slv4 defend, slv4 recover (heals 1k when hit), slv4 absorb, slv4 vampire (heals 50% of damage dealt on assault it activates on)

guardian book 30 30 30 30

holy recovery stone lv5 999

with both Samurai Helmet and Heavy Samurai Armor (gives 10 offense boost if all 3 pieces are present and hp boost of 500 if two pieces are present)

LV 50 with 2550 Offense, 2040 Defense, 1980 Agility, 2080 Luck, 787 Harm, 416 shield, 14800 hp.

The numbers near some things like the rings are the stats XD. Guardian book has stats too so obviously it got counted in. In the long run though a person setup like this I'd run from for sure. Their blows will all be unpleasantly heavy, when they have shield up if they heal cause of their pearl it makes things worse. On top of that their natural shield being laced with book being mushed together with 2k def. O.o

Idk about anyone else but i'd run from this tank the instant i saw it lmfao. And for a foe without harm pearls that just makes it scarier knowing they can end you if they get a delay XD.

So who's next? Just toss your reply up with why you'd hate to fight that kind of enemy. It doesn't have to be as explicit as mine was. Mine was merely an example.


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20 Jul 2012
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PostedMay 23, 2013 12:27 pm
Mmm.. I would run from..someone who all +12, harm pearls, and...digs way to much xD In my opinion, harm is used to show your strong, but not willing to work for the strongness.. all +12, would be a congrats xD but if its at low level like.. 30 or so xD That would drive me crazy lol
And the digging xD oh mi gawsh xD Digging hurts when your Stable pearl is giving you the silent treatment( aka, not working atm lol) xD but yeah.. im a weakling who wants to fight fair players or bots Wink Anyone else? Razz

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