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21 May 2013
PostedMay 21, 2013 12:38 am

Borderlands 2

Everyone's favorite Claptrap simulator is almost here! Also, there may be some guns.

There have been a smattering of thread about Borderlands 2 around here, but they all died out because (I assume) there wasn't much to say. Now that the release date is almost here, I figure it'd be helpful to have a thread to discuss the game/show off loot/set up parties, that kind of thing. Not sure how much we can do right now, but we can at least show off skill trees and that sort of thing.

I for one am really excited about this game; the first one was a ton of fun, and it looks like they're taking the criticisms people had of the first (gamespy multiplayer, not a great story, terrible ending) and really improving on them. And, of course, the loot looks even nicer than before, and shields and grenades are getting crazier, which is nice to see.

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