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11 Oct 2007
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PostedMay 18, 2013 10:17 pm

Morph Cards

1 hour as certain monsters. Found in lairs of those beasts. Sweet. Too bad they don't last longer... what's this? In the shop those same cards I can get for free in the game. 55 Balens. Are you kidding me? Clothing that alters appearance AND adds +5 to starting rage is only 395 and they're permanent.

55 for an hour. Nope. Never pay it.

Permanent disguise as creature of choice? Where's my piggy bank.
Swamp Wolf
Body piece: Swamp Wolf shape in world
Head Piece: Swamp Wolf shape on battle screen
Weapon Piece: Replace basic attack with Wolf animation attack

I'd buy them all. They wouldn't even have to add +5 base rage.

This from someone who is stingy and won't even buy a month of VIP because I prefer eating.

When snow turns to rain. And sand turns to glass. The odor of all shall become strong And all will say.. Damn it's hot today.
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