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20 Apr 2007
PostedMay 14, 2013 7:44 pm

[SGST] Is the server up yet? Shoutbox Suggestion

A proposed solution to help the GSs with the constant barrage of the same question.
I accidentally posted this on a necro thread, I was informed it should be reposted in it's own thread, so here goes.

I think there should be a small caption within the ShoutBox itself to read the current server status. No modding to the outside page, simply a caption to a tooltip style message display at the top, spanning the full width of the SB, slightly transparent, and only being tall enough to display a simple 1 line message possibly 2 lines if you wish to give in depth information.

Example line 1;

"Weekly Maint, Web Mall Maint"

Example line 2(optional);

"No ETA"

As pointed out by the other thread, and as we have all seen, GSs are constantly flooded with "server down?" "I can't login" or "maint?" which must be irritating. This can mostly be solved with a message in or around the shout box,we can not expect every player to stop asking, but it can only help the situation that is still ongoing and quite frequent.
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