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28 Apr 2013
PostedMay 09, 2013 6:20 am

RpIay searching for a clan

Hey everyone,

I have played AVA in the past, I started in the period when IJJI published it. Although I haven't played to long on IJJI, because Aeria took over. Since then I played quite some time on Aeria. Right now I'm back from a +/- 1 year break. (Played in the CBT of Warface). I've started a new account, which now is still low level.
The type of clan I'm looking for is a clan from whose members I can learn a lot on competitive areas. I see myself more as an intern, who might be able to become better, and possibly be a good addition to the team. So in me you're not going to find a very experienced, competitive player. Although I'm hoping to be in the future!
You might put me in the role of being a substitute, that way I'll learn and sometimes I can participate in small clanwars. (Not the big ones, I'm realistic enough to know that I'm not good enough for that ;p)

Some information about me:
I'm a 16 year old boy, who lives in the Netherlands. Besides Dutch, I also speak English on a reasonable level. (So I hope it is clear that I am looking for an English clan). I also have hobbies, friends and a real life, so I can't be online 24/7...

My In-game-stats:
IGN: RpIay (capital i)
S/D: around 1.850, but I think that'll drop a bit, when I reach higher levels. (based on previous accounts) I don't play escort often, only when the daily missions want me to ;p
rank: Staff Sergeant 3 (yes I know Very Happy)
I'm also willing to download any communication application!

I hope to have informed you wel enough,

~Ruud/ RpIay


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20 Apr 2013
United States
PostedMay 09, 2013 7:32 am
Join Clan House. We are really competitive and clan war a lot. its a new clan too

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