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15 Nov 2010
PostedMay 06, 2013 6:47 am

[Info] Aven Daily Challenge

Here's some information about Aven Daily Challenge.

The event that was added in this update.
GMPizza wrote:

New Daily Instances!

Two new NPC's Kalon and Asymo, await to give only the bravest of Eden Eternal Guardians these new challenges! The new quest will have waves of challenging foes to combat!

The new dailies are parties only.

Go to Aven 454, 368 to accept these new quests!

Good luck brave adventures!

All information can be read in game by opening up the events window (Default key "P") and scrolling down the normal event page to "Daily Challenge" and reading the information that comes up.

Future information can be read by talking to the NPC Kalon in Aven. Just a heads up, his information about Guarding the Eternal Crystal and Rescue the Future Generation are mixed up.

Here is some extra information that doesn’t show up in that window.

The level requirement that is shown is NOT a level requirement. It is a level recommendation instead and just states near the levels of the monsters that are inside. Level 70+ and still enter these challenges even if it says the level requirement is wrong.

Boss monster challenge gives 45 honour stars reward if you finish.

Guarding the Eternal Crystal gives 9 honour stars and throughout the challenge, 5 "Ursun Martial Artist - Ron Lv1" cards will drop that you will roll on with your party like any other dungeon.

Rescue the Future Generation gives some honour stars (I forgot how much exactly but I think it was low like 3) and 1 "Nomad Anuran Ranger - Bonka Lv1" card if you succeed.

Once you submit your child in Rescue the Future Generation at the end, you will automatically get your items and be teleported back to Aven so you will want to finish this challenge with your whole party together otherwise those that failed will be stuck alone without you.

3 totem beast cards seem to be non attainable right now. I could be wrong but I could not find a way to get them. "Zumi Illusionist - Yula", "Tuskar Theif - Barlilu" and "Torturra Shaman - Maschatta" seem to be unavailable as of now. If you find out how to get them please do tell.

As the item descriptions say, you put 2 x a same level totem card into the Arcane Box to fuse it into a higher level. So effectively you need 512 level 1 cards to make a level 10 card.

To figure out how many level 1 cards are needed for what level use this formula: 2^(X - 1) where X = the level of totem card

Happy Hunting~ Very Happy
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