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07 Dec 2009
PostedApr 24, 2013 8:34 pm

Trouble with password

My password on my account when I change it via email it let's me log in but
when I log out it won't let me log back in with said password. I kept
changing it because it would not let me back on unless I did. So I went to
switch the email to my other one but I can't because you need your password
but it won't stay the one I put via on my email when I put forgotten
password. Help.. This is scaring me that someone's infiltrated my account.
I am the only person who uses it and knows the password..

For some reason In the first box it has in a password that has eight stars(letters). It's asking for my current password, which has more than eight letters. I've tried putting in my old password, and my current now. Each, don't work.

I can't change whatever's in the first box either. Is it possible somebody changed my password? I can still login into that account with my current password. How do I fix this?


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23 Mar 2011
San Jose United States
PostedApr 25, 2013 2:35 am
I've checked your account and the only IPs that show up are your own from the frequent password resets you have been doing. Couple things I can recommend and want to ask:

1. When you create a new password, does it work along with your username for the game you play?

2. Have you tried using a different browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) when resetting password?

3. Do you use the same email when resetting your password or do you receive new emails each time you want to reset?

4. Have you tried creating a new account and if so does the same issue occur?

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