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01 Oct 2011
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PostedApr 24, 2013 1:19 am
isay37 wrote:
walmazi wrote:
To above poster: You're still recruiting people to join arena, just see it as 'Looking for people'.

@isay37: Yeah leech can be sold in both LFP and TRADE, as it is both. You're selling a service that involves making a party.

However kinda automatically I've used LFP and been like
"LF1M ACV, 25g/run"

As for your other points, there are few types of people who do it.

  • Newbies to the game, and genuinely have no idea that they're using the wrong chat.
  • People who have been using the right chat for a while but have not been having much luck. Maybe they'll use world once out of many times.
  • People who just don't care.
  • Mistakely once using the wrong chat, can easily happen.

I think only really the type of person in red should really be muted. However is it worthwhile to have a chat police?  

good idea tho ^^ but even 71+ people also asks LFPs in World chats  

Yea those are people who don't really care about it. Their only priority is to get arena started.

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