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10 Jun 2012
atlanta United States
PostedApr 21, 2013 9:44 am

new daily and weekly event ideas

I came up with an idea for a daily and weekly.event idea im gonna share with you feel free to comment or post your own ideas well ok here they are:

The event i came up with is like avernal realm but it all about how many
kills u can get in 30 mins so it works with everyone time u can do it
like dungeon for level 50+ players only (so no alt abuse) must be in a
party like a dungeon also 1 get 1 run a day mobs don't do much damage since
the point is to get as many kills as possible in 30 mins u can go in a
party to increase the rewards amount cause u can do it as a team more team
mates more kills more rewards but u must enter together like in training
ground party member must go first then members once 30 sec after u enter
a 30 min timer buff will start and count down as soon as the buff appears
a whole ton of mobs will spawn and attack it will be an endless they
spawn after a certain amount of them die so you never have to stop
attacking its and endless 30 mins battle each time u reach one of the
required amount of kills the reward item for that amount will automatically
appear in your bag/bags they stack like the crystal spending tier bonus
these are items mall items and some other stuff also once the buff timer
hits 0 it will auto teleport you back to town here's the chart i made
Kills and Rewards
100 Kill - AFK cardx5
200 Kills - Health Orbsx2, Mana Orbsx2
300 Kills -Soul Shardsx5
400 Kills -Heroic wings x10, Mount Upgrade Token x10
500 Kills - Morph Crystalsx5
600 Kills - Black Dragon Coinx2
700 Kills -Dragon Crystalsx4
800 Kills -Soul Printx5
900 Kills - Pixie Upgrade Crystalx5
1000 Kills- Ethereal Wingsx5, Greater Mount Upgrade Token x5
1100 Kills - (then it repeats from the 100 kill reward) AFK Cardx5
1200 Kills - Health Orbsx2 , Mana Orbsx2 (and so on till 30 mins is up)

And here is the second one I came up with :

It's a mix of training grounds and our old event invasion I like The name gem thief invasion every friday 3 times a day In instances 3-5 waves of gem thief
mobs will atk waves like training grounds each one after they are killed
randomly drop Gems chipped-shiny after all the waved are done the will
close till the next set time for it I set for 3 instances so everyone gets
them not just Our eidy lets give everyone thier shot


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25 Dec 2009
PostedMay 16, 2013 3:33 am
yeah nice idea but i think what we need is a new event to draw the high lvls (lvl120) to come back and stay on the game and maybe some new maps that are made just for pvp
i also would like to see the legendary slayer set
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