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31 Dec 2012
United States
PostedApr 21, 2013 8:51 am

Promotion payouts

Unbound Red Gear
I am not satisfied with the gifts that we're receiving from promotions. I have spent a lot of money on COG server 8, and the payouts are really terrible. We get the same gear and gems almost every time which is useless to us high ranking players. If you post a promotion, make sure you give out the appropriate gear that can be useful to the player. Given out 10 leggings or boots is not helpful at all, you need to make sure you add equal amount of shoulders, armor, rings, etc. Also, you need to make sure we get more triple exp cards so we can level up and other items that can be helpful in leveling. Lastly, red gear is all bound which is wrong and we should have some mixed red gear that's unbound so we can sell it or pass it on to our alliance members. I copper too many red gear and the copper value is so low it's not worth spending the money to buy AP.
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