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22 Oct 2010
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PostedApr 20, 2013 6:40 pm

[Guide] How to post pictures onto forums

Here is a walkthrough/guide on how to post pictures into forums. (Visuals included)

step 1: Save your picture to your computer or device

step 2: Go to a browser such as firefox, google chrome ,internet explorer etc

step 3:Go to The purpose of going to this website is to convert your picture so it can be used for forums

step 4:You will come up to a page looking similar to this the adds may be different but the outlined objects in the following picture will be the same for everyone

step 5:click on browse and select your saved picture that you would like to make forum compatible

step 6:make sure that out of the three options you have choosen Picture and if you need to resize

step 7: a small security window will pop up so type in as it is no big deal its for security reasons

step 8: In the middle of the screen you will see a list of words that look like a lot of random words and letter and to the right of it your picture

step 9:Under IMG code for forums & message boards copy the WHOLE LINK

step 10: head to aeria games and head to any forums such as aeria mobile and choose which forum you want to post into

step 11: once you choose the forums will look similar to this

step 12: Choose the topic and click on create post

step 13: paste the coding that you got from tinyurl from step 9 and click post

step 14: TADA! there is your picture Very Happy

hope it helps some of you guys Smile
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