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09 Dec 2012
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PostedApr 20, 2013 1:46 am
LalaHeat wrote: wrote:
LalaHeat wrote: wrote:
When me and (shinzo the rumeon stripper, coincidently) were outside the CS area with no hope of killing anyone, we stripped and harlem shaked at the requim and revelalty guilds who were defending the castle... until i accidently went inside the PvP zone and got murdered horiffically xD

IGN: OptimusBrute  

Is that the one that was recorded and posted on youtube?  

It was posted on youtube?!?!? news to me! if it was then AHAHAHAHAH!  

Well, there is a vid titled DKO Harlem Shake, i guess it was a cs, definately wasn't on ruemon, and everyone is jumping up and shinzo, who is nakies walks up saying i come in peace, and someone else walked up to the large group and Eriond was like 'get him!'  

ahh just seen that vid! i am in that one, but the one i was talking about was the halland CS before that! we started a whole trend Wink
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