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09 Aug 2011
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PostedApr 16, 2013 11:46 am

Cherry Blossom Community Challenge Results – The Results…

Before we officially announce the results of the Need for Speed World Cherry Blossom Community Challenge we want to thank everyone for all the time they put in last week towards finishing as many races as they could for the challenge! Without the hardcore NFS World players we wouldn’t be able to do these types of community events so THANK YOU! And now onto the official results…

We are extremely pleased to announce that not only did the community reach the goal of racing 5 MILLION in-game events while driving Japanese cars but they surpassed it! In fact, the community managed to complete over 5.2 MILLION events while driving Japanese cars!

Congratulations!! Because the community successfully completed the Cherry Blossom Community Challenge everyone wins one free Car Prize Pack! To claim your FREE Car Prize Pack simple go to, sign in and enter in this code: CGF5-TDSM-HMX2-NMG7

Once you’ve redeemed the code launch NFS World and enter the Safehouse. In the Card Pack Shop the Car Prize Pack will be available for 0 SpeedBoost!

We’ve got another community event lined up for NEXT WEEK so be sure to keep your eye on the forums for its announcement.
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