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17 Feb 2009
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PostedApr 16, 2013 12:13 am

GrindHard Guild. <RG>

Recruiting members lv1~24 to help eachother in quests and dungeons.
Yo. I want to power people through to lv11 in large groups, and work with them in Derelict Tunnels 1+2, Drasil-Marsh and the quest-line. If you desire this service or to help make it happen, let me know. (I don't charge anything, but if you'd like to join and donate for the day then I'd appreciate it.)

Send a mail (U key is the in-game shortcut) to Excessive, Notice, Crasher, AcuteMeasure, Shilo, LilOldLady or Nun in game on Royal Guard side to get in contact with me. All seven of my players are members, so I can always contact the guild while online.

Level 25 and higher may join, but with the focus on helping lower levels you may want to consider looking into CyberBabes instead. While I do do the occasional Bitterstone Core run, the primary focus is on whomever the lowest level member online is.

Members are asked to play and help others. Donations to guild growth are appreciated, but at the moment the only incentive is making room for more active players.
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