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05 Jul 2010
PostedApr 22, 2013 9:46 pm
even though he is asking for minimum stats to run a dungeon, that doesn't mean that's all it takes. like the first response said, this is more for warrior class help me thread. not all classes need defence to solo a dungeon.

archers evade tank most everything they do. take acv for example...toro can crit you 20k+ but that doesn't mean a 3k def DS can't solo it.

necros use their demons to tank stuff, and AMs use dmg reduction.

so if it's really about the defensive stats, it would more be a warlord/templar or maybe prophet question.

and i doubt many ppl pay attention to their stats when doing a solo run on their level unless they trying to test something out or want to boast about being OP.

you might need to go do over dungeons from scratch on an alt lol

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