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10 Sep 2011
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<Evolution> Royal Guard (OPEN for Recruitment)

Recruiting Now!

One day, a great storm took place...
The earth was scorched in flames, the air was near impossible to breathe, thus the hierarchy was no more.
It was one for all, each life which used to be connected to every other life, was separated.
The fall of our very species was on the brink, it seemed it would take a God to send a miracle here to fix everything.
A miracle did come, in the form of light... A beam of pure light descended onto the ground, so bright that every person,and every animal for miles around shielded their eyes. When the beam of light faded, on the exact spot where it reached the ground, stood a girl with auras of light pulsating around her.
This "being of light" they called her, had phrases which were written all over her glowing body.
"One can stand but only for a short time, while many can keep you from falling"
This was one of the phrases, most never understood the true meaning of what it meant, but for those that did, something happened to them.
They came together... they realized the path of solitude was not working, they needed a form of guidance, from somewhere, and on that day that guidance came.
This light being also had some words that were written on something that resembled a shield of sorts, protecting her heart and it said " Evolve, they must."
This entity always came to the people when the sun slept, when it was impossible to see, when darkness ruled the lands.
One day, on one of these visits a member of the town asked this being "Why do you only visit us when the sun sleeps, when it's impossible to see,and only when darkness rules our land?"
And to the surprise of everyone in the town, this being of Light replied with...
" I bring you light when my father sleeps, I make sure you can see when you think you cannot, and I protect you from that which hides when I am near."
And with those words said, a bright light shined across the land, illuminating the landscapes, the mountains, the night sky, everything.
The words "Evolve, they must" never shined brighter than on that day, and to remember that day, each town member was branded with one word above their hearts.
This word was "Evolution".

And here we are! The product of the Light, Evolution. We're a Royal Guards guild on the Valkyrie server, and very soon we'll be opening up our doors to the rest of the Royal Guards (Once all our long standing members have returned, which is only a few more people).

We are a Royal Guard guild who does it all. PvP, World Bosses, Dungeon Runs, you name it! We're very social, our guild is full of lots of kind and generous people, so we're sure you'll feel welcome!

We are looking for active players willing to participate in guild activities. Our guild is reliant on support and donations from our members, as such we look for people willing to donate to us as much as they possibly can. People unwilling to do this will probably not be accepted, and if found that people are not donating and taking advantage of the guild (i.e. taking rare items from others for free and not giving anything back to the guild in return) they will be kicked (SO DON'T SAY WE DIDN'T WARN YOU!)

Yes, we do. This is to avoid internal conflicts and keep the guild functioning at high capacity. You need to apply to our guild site to read and agree to the rules before recruitment (But please let us know who you are!! e.g. IGN/Aeria Forum name)

Simple! Just get in contact with one of our council members:

Mitena - Guild Leader
AdriDark - Captain
Forin - Captain
Serra - Council
RaiMarie - Council
LadyRaine, Stormwave or RavensLoli - Honourary Council ;P

Thanks for reading, we hope to see you in game, whether you join us or not! <3

[GS]Mitena AKA ESP
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