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Mount Fusion Guide

Befor and after on Mount Fusion
Mount Fusion!

With the new Mount Fusion system, you may now transfer over a portion of stats from one mount to another.

Special thanks to GM Hadouken for supplying the test data.

Required items include two mounts (main and sub-mount), Mount Conversion Stones, and Mount Fusion Orbs.

For one fusion attempt, 15 Mount Conversion Stones and 33 Mount Fusion Orbs are required.

The amount of attributes that transfer from the sub-mount to the main mount is based on the conversion rate.

Fusion Menu


  • Stat Max Conversion Rate is fixed at 40%
  • Mounts must be of the same generation.
  • Fusion materials (Mount Conversion Stones and Mount Fusion Orbs) can be purchased in the Item Shop.
  • Successful fusion will consume both the fusion materials and the sub-mount.
  • Failed fusion will only cost fusion materials (Mount Conversion Stones and Mount Fusion Orbs), but the sub-mount will not disappear.
  • Sucess rates are rumored to be around 10%-15%
  • This test required 13 fusion attempts for a successful fusion.
  • Its prefered you upgrade the sub mount to max lv20 before fusion.

Warning: If you morph a mount that has been fused it will loose its fusion properties.

Fusion Results

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